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Posted 7/20/10 , edited 7/20/10

Ueto Aya to play a blind singer & mother in new drama special

Actress Ueto Aya (24) is going to portray the life of the 28 year-old blind singer-songwriter Tatemichi Satoko in Fuji TV's upcoming drama special called "Ai wa Mieru".

Ueto spent one month practicing all the gestures of visually impaired people and will try her best to play the role modeled after Tatemichi, a devoted musician and mother. "Whenever she had to climb over another obstacle, her family was there to support her," she admired their family bond.

Tatemichi was a premature baby and only weighed 850g. Additionally she had retinopathy of prematurity, an eye disease that affects prematurely born babies and caused her to be blind right after she was born. However, at the same time she got blessed with a perfect pitch and eventually managed to make a major debut as a singer-songwriter. In 2004 she got married to man she met in a school for blind, a man suffering from total blindness just like her and in 2006 she even gave birth to a son despite all the criticism from the people around her. She did all that without letting go of her dream to be a musician. Ueto truly is going to play of an amazing and very strong woman.

The producer about their choice to cast Ueto for that role, "There was no better choice than Ueto for portraying the ever cheerful and strong Satoko who never stops being positive despite all the obstacles in her life." Koide Keisuke (26) is going to play her husband who eagerly tries to support his wife by working as a guitarist and masseur despite his own blindness.

Ueto and Koide both practiced together with the staff of an organization that helps blind people and learned how to use a blindman's stick and how to move like a blind person for a whole month. They also visited Tatemichi and her husband at their apartment in Tokyo and talked with them to find out more about living together as a blind couple, including the arrangement of the furniture and all kind of goods you need in your daily life. Both of them tried their best to portray their roles as realistically as possible and Ueto even had to act out the birth of their son.

The human drama "Ai wa Mieru" will air sometime this September on Fuji TV.

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