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Posted 7/21/10 , edited 7/21/10
There have been complications with this photo album. I'm laying down some rules now.

1: Do NOT use photos from deviantART (unless they're yours, and if they are, post in fanart if you choose). Some people don't want others using them as they please. deviantART isn't a Photobucket.

2: Just because it's a Misc. section doesn't mean any picture. Please keep it Shugo Chara!-related, as this is a Shugo Chara! group. (just letting people know in case this might happen)

3: Also be careful if the website you got it from has rules about using the picture. (crediting them, use, etc.) We don't want any drama, and we're basically the reason Baidu didn't provide RAWs anymore.

4: I've also seen random pictures in the Ilustration Book. That album is for pictures from the official Ilustration Book, not any random pictures. Some are okay, like the blank full-colored chapter covers. But that's it. Also try to avoid duplicates.

5: And please- for less organizing- just make sure you're putting a picture in the right album. It would really help us.

I don't know if I'll have to make more rules, but these are the following. Hopefully I don't have to make any more.
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