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What do you think are the 4 most common plot devices in anime.
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Posted 1/29/11 , edited 1/30/11
1)Main young male is sexually stunted.
2)Main young female will spend 1/2-2/3 of series debating her feelings.
3)school consists of sleeping,fighting,eating,passing notes and generally ignoring class.
4)every anime has at least one martial artist or sword fighter among the cast.
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Idiot heroes. They can be goku strong but can't use their damn brains! Why soo many idiots? And most if the time gets strong for no reason

Tsundere, yandere, kuudere, and dandere. Not all at the same time most if the time but still extremely common. Usually a tsundere as the main girl.(Sakura, asuka*, haruhi, naru, asuna, taiga, shana etc) *= asuka is questionable

Override stalkers, or just people obsessed with the main character, very annoying.

The fanservice character that useless and have no other use(mikuru asahina, Orihime inoue, etc). VERY ANNOYING!11!!!!!!!
Posted 1/29/11 , edited 1/30/11

1) the girl always hates the guy she is going to fall for
2) the guy she used to like turns out to be a jerk
3) she is going to be innocently oblivious to everything
4) the guy rescues her and she falls head over heels for him


1) the main character is... lets face it a loser
2) somehow his life turns around and he stops being a loser
3) he wins every battle, but if he looses he get a rematch and wins
4) Despite numerous injuries from which a normal person would croak he manages to stay alive

Sci - fi

1) the government is evil
2) robots and aliens are a must
3) so is travel in space
4) humanity is in someway maimed ( ex: extinction, apocalypse, ) and if not they are about to be


1) quests
2) monsters and evil forces
3) death
4) the main character always finishes the quest successfuly and humanity i safe for another 100 years

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