Have you ever had a dream where you meet your favorite K-Drama Actor/Actress?
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Posted 7/21/10 , edited 7/22/10
Have you ever had that one special dream where you meet your fav kdrama actor? if so, do tell.

I had one the other night where I met Lee Seunggi,and I told him he was super cool and that I liked him. My sister was randomly there and was like" he doesn't understand english", i was so relived because it would be embarrassing if he knew . The next thing i knew it, me,him,and my sisters' friends were in a booth laughing about whatever. I assume we were at a Karaoke place because he was singing and there were bright lights. in the booth, he was sitting next to me and laughing and i remember his cute smile. (heehee) and at the end of the dream we were leaving and we were laughing and talking about something together. But i think at some point in the dream i fell because I remember him catching me or something. I was surprised the dream wasn't about lee min ho, he's the one I like atm, not lee seunggi(well I like both actually)
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Posted 7/21/10 , edited 7/21/10
Yes, I have tha dream.

Sun shine day, in the park, I will sitting on the bench and after I stand up to walk around, I will see him coming in front of me.
Then the rain will start to fell, spring rain, in sunny day ... When he stand to me, he will talk to me and after that, no matter of the rain we will walk around in the park. The park will be with very trees, and no other person except us. We will talk to each other since hours, and the he will walk me to my house, and we will talk again, since hours lately he will turn around to the road and the day after that, we will met again, in the same park, the same way. That could be just perfect. We will be friends and after that he will give me a ring and he will say - "Do you want to marry me", when he say that the rain will start to fell again and we will went to a churche to married. After that the life will be a fairytale. My dream soulmate, my dream - Jae Hee.
Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/22/10
Not K-Actor but J-Actor:

I sat on a long table with my whole family. As usual my older sister and I were fighting. It got really bad and when I was just before crying I saw Matsumoto Jun sitting right next to my sister. He was smiling and said something comforting...after that we talked in japanese...it was fun...>.<

By the way: I am actually not a very big fan of Matsumoto Jun. I like him though...but I was very surprised myself that he appeared in my dream...^-^; And my japanese is kinda bad so we could have never talked like that in reality....

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