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[New PV] Yamapi- One in a Million!
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Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/2/10

XiaoEmieko wrote:

Oh I forget about Gomenne Juliet! haha, yeah I love Gomenne Juliet too <3
same with me! I love sad songs too XD
lol, yeah agree! mola is really catchy <3
I haven't listen to Yubiwa yet O:
haha, btw, how did you know yamapi at the first time? and what you like about him? :D
I know yamapi from Nabuto Wo Produce, it was my very first J dorama XD
the first japanese actor I know is yamapi and kamenashi kazuya, hehe.

Hmm, an old chinese friend of mine sent me a link to daite senorita (the same perf. in the links) and i was like "AHH!! WHO'S HE?!! HE'S AMAZING!! THOSE HIPS!! IS HE GAY?!(I'm a yaoi fan), she laughed and told me that he's a singer/actor. So I searched about him myself. I even learned Daite Senorita's dance. I watched many of his vids until I learned that he's actually a leader of a group called NEWS. At that time, news were back from their hiatus and the DVD of Never Ending Wonderful Story Concert was out. So i watched it and saw that Yamapi is...silly and full of himself and he fakes laughs..(YES at that time Yamapi was annoying..) And I changed my attention to this cute kitten Tegoshi Yuya LOL xD And I still love Tegoshi.

Finally, after watching NEWS Diamond Party Concert 2009. I discovered that Yamapi is no longer full of himself, he matured more to be like...a very caring big brother to all NEWS! And not to mention his MOLA performance in the concert was Magnificent!

So, I loved him again =D But he's not my #1 guy...
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