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First and Last Chapter of Jasmint:

Take a Walk down Memory Lane

So many things have happened and time has pass by fast. Too fast.

Thinking back, I have grown so much this pass two years i spent on CR. This, i'm sure many others would agree as well.

Namida. "Tears"
Naite. "Don't Cry".
Soshite "and then"
Warette. "Smile"
Mada 'Sayonara'. "It's not yet goodbye"
Dakara. "So"
... "..."

These are words i often see on my notification board. Friends come in, and they leave. People join, and lose interest.
But times have gone pass, people change. So you can't expect them to stay.

Look up into the sky. Regardless is it a blue sky covered with white puffy clouds or a black sky covered with a blanket of bright shiny stars, it is still the same sky the world shares.

One Sky. One Air. One Earth. One Water.

That's why, it's my turn to say this:

"Sayonora" wa ite taku nai, kado, kora wa shizuwanai desu.
Jikan wa moe...
Ai Niki tanda, yokata.
Dakara, Naite. Warette.
Date, kora was owari jianai. Tada, atarashi no hajimari.

I do not want to say 'goodbye' but this is neccessary.
The times have already...
I'm glad i've met you.
So, don't cry. instead, smile.
Because, this is not over. It's just the begining.

Gomenasai "I'm Sorry"
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OOOO::: oh myy gaa jasmint leffs!! (: im so sad mann!! (: (: (: i wont cry
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