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Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/22/10

Hey Guys , I decided to make a new membership card for this group !!!!!
here's the sample .

the membership it will be much better this only a example


Name :
Date you joined CR [ you'll find it on your own profile ] :
Theme color :
Picture i cons size :


○ Submit 1 Pictures please i con size( Only Bleach okay ? )
○ HQ Pics only please :D
○ Don't rush me on making the cards I'm not always free okay ?
○ Don't request for other things here , I'm only making membership card.
○ Don't request for any additional effects what you see is what you get . The only thing will change is the color and the pictures used.
○ Freakin post it on your profile , what's the use of requesting it if your not gonna use it ?
○ Ask nicely .
○ Request in this thread and you'll find the finish work here .

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