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Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/23/10
Be either Gokudera or Tsuna. Someone starts the story and then we have to try and finish it!
Gokudera=Seme XD
Tsuna=Uke X3

I'll Start...
As Tsuna started walking home, Gokudera spotted him and ran over to him. "Juudaime! Wait up!" Gokudera said. As soon as Tsuna heard his voice, he spun around and waved. "Ah, hello Gokudera-kun!"
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Posted 3/30/13 , edited 3/30/13
Gokudera hesitated for a moment, then spoke. "Look Tenth, I.... uh.." "yeah, Gokudera-kun?" Tsuna asked sweetly. It took a moment then it all just came out. "Iloveyoujuudaimeandiknowyoumightnotbegay,wellimnotsuremyselfbut--" "Wooh, Gokudera-kun,slow down. What was that?" Tsuna asked. "I said I-I love you."
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