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Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/23/10
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Jaebeom: "I haven't seen my colleague singers since coming back to Korea"

2PM past member Park Jaebum revealed how he spent his life once he returned to Korea.

On the 22th at 7:30 PM, there was a press conference at Kyunggido Namyangju Studio Complex for the movie “Hype Nation 3D,” which Park Jaebum stars in.

At the question, “Did you mean your colleague singers after you returned to Korea,” he replied, “After I came to Korea, I only worked out in my dorm and went to the PC rooms with my dongsengs.”

He had a dark expression as he said, “After I returned to Korea, I didn’t contact anyone.”

Because the question seemed to have been indirectly asking about 2PM, Park Jaebum’s reply, “I haven’t met anyone,” made it seem as if he hasn’t met 2PM.

In addition, about his lacking Korean, he said, “I am trying hard to make up for the Korean skills I lack. I also read the script more times than usual.”

On this day, no one was able to hear Jaebum’s thoughts on the issue of his withdrawal from 2PM, which everyone was curious about. When the question, “I want to hear Jaebum’s opinions on his withdrawal from 2PM,” came up, the MC said, “We will only receive questions about the movie,” and blocked Jaebum’s response.

In addition, the site of “Hype Nation” was revealed and a press conference with the starring actors, including Jaebum, Dennis Oh, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and others, took place.

Jaebum, who returned to Korea on June 16th after being away for nine months, has avoided mentioning 2PM in the various interviews he had with the media. Also, Jaebum has said on his twitter, “The past is the past. I’m just going to leave it buried.”

The movie “Hype Nation 3D,” which Jaebum stars in, is a 3D dance movie that depicts the challenges and troubles, the love and growth that occur as American b-boys Jessie(J-Boog) and Tommy(Lil’ Fizz) take part in an international b-boy competition in Korea to confront international drug ring boss(Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa)’s henchman Darkness(Park Jaebum).

Meanwhile, Jaebum will have a fanmeeting on the 28th of August. Fans are looking forward to this as b-boy team AOM, which Jaebum is a member of, will be present as a guest and other special guests are expected.

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