Which guy is better for Hotaru-sama?
Posted 7/23/10 , edited 7/23/10
I would like to know whom do you consider would be the best for Hotaru, here some things supporting each couple

Ruka: Don’t really like it but they are always paired up, and Hotaru said she would like him as a lover along with Misaki-sensei (still searching for the picture... if someone remembers the chapter it would be great XD)

Misaki-sensei: there’s not much about this couple but Hotaru is always picking on him XD like when she wanted a picture of him young

Iinchou: yeaah she treats him like a slave but she also does that with Mikan and she loves her right? hehe that’s why I added him to the list :P

Hayate: My favorite couple hehe ^w^ cuz he’s quite dumb and noisy and Hotaru is calm and smart (perfect for each other!!) but since he hasn’t appeared that much yet there are not that many pictures of em still I’ll leave some from chapter 59 (vol 11) and chapter 99 (vol 16)

Posted 8/6/10 , edited 8/6/10
lol XDXDXD I like hayate for hotaru ecause of hayate's attitude!! XDXDXD it's so cute!!! <3 I love 'em!! XDXDXD read the manga so that you would agree!!!
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