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Posted 7/25/10 , edited 7/25/10
Hey! Thanks for even looking at this. I dont' know what good it's going to do, but I wanted to get word out somehow.

If you haven't already heard, onemanga and some other great manga websites are being forced to take their scans off the web because puslishers apparently "no longer approve" of the scanslations. It's explained better when you go to the onemanga homepage (just, anything else doesn't work)

I'm really upset about it, and I know a TON of people have much better reasons to be. I'm not going to make my arguement here (I REALLY WANT TO, but I don't want to spam). If you agree with me that online scanslations (liscensed by the way) should stay on the web and onemanga along with all other top manga sites should be allowed to keep their scans, please sign this petition.

Like I said, I'm not sure that this will get us anywhere or that anyone will even read this, but imagine if we could get a TON of signatures (hundreds. That would get someone's attention. But please. If you love manga and rely on onemanga to read your favorite mangas, sign. I do buy the books once I get the chance, but without onemanga I'm pretty much screwed and we all know onemanga is the best.

If you have a facebook, look up onemanga's page and like it. oh and if you're motivated to spread the word and try to get signatures, please do. Here, on facebook, on other websites anything.

Thanks! Remember, on our own we are weak, but united we are strong. Corny, but true. :D

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