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It was on a snowy day when i first met her. She was the newest member of this household, with long blonde hair and deep emerald green eyes.
The moment i laid eyes in her i instantly fell in love. But what if that love only lasted for so long.

Chapter 1
" Toya-sama this is Kana Shizumi the newest maid, she will be assigned to you as your personal maid." I was surprised they got someone new so quickly and also she was strikingly beautiful. Something struck me, she had not said a single word for some time now. " Toya-sama there is a catch to her though."
" What is it Kaname?" I asked in which sounded like a demanding voice. "Ahem, she Toya-sama is an android."
" Hah!?" I was totally shocked they still made these things!? " Kaname does she know anything?" I asked not so mean this time. " Hmm?, oh yes but only the basics nothing more. She has no emotions what so ever. The only thing on her mind is to serve her master." I sighed, an empty shell with no feelings.

Chapter 2
On that very same day I took her the android Kana Shizumi into an unknown world.
We walked pass the houses that lined the streets and also walked pass a park with a frozen lake. I couldn't help but notice we were the only ones out here. So instead of only taking her to the market I thought why not just show her around- my thoughts were interupted when she went " this master? it's so...pretty." Snow fell into her palm and disappeared. " It is called snow." I answered. She smiled as if she were happy. "Snow" she whispered.
We were just getting back from her tour around town when suddenly BANG doors opened and "Toya♥ where have you been this entire time?" she asked.
"Um... showing Kana around town. Why do you ask onee-sama?" I said.
"Because I wanted to take you shopping♥" onee-sama said. Why does that sound like a bad idea i thought.
"Ara?! and who might this be?"
"............ her name is Kana Shizumi onee-sama."I whispered though she heard.
"Hoooo! you certainly found your match Toya. Excuse me my name is Shizuka Miyabi, do you mind if I call you Kana-chan" onee-sama said.
"Onee-sama she's not what you think, she's only a maid."
I said
"What, really? I thought the both of you were lovers! are you really sure?" onee-sama whined.
"Yes I am, she was appointed to me this afternoon as my personal maid." i commented camly.
Moments passed then onee-sama broke the silence.

more soon
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Awww cuuutee so far OwO
short chaps are a nice change actually x3 i should write em >D

"your personal maid."
So reminds me of Usui in Maidsama <333 XD
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AH, I want more now >W<
And yeah, Short chapters are fine! ^^
Aw, the snow... >w<
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yea thanx i was wondering if i should put up i personally dont like the first chap
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