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Posted 7/25/10 , edited 7/25/10
I think the Embryo symbolizes something, something we all haven't realized yet.

I noticed how the embryo, this egg of light, this egg that was known to make wishes come true, brought everyone together and helped everyone slowly achieve there dreams.

I think the Embryo symbolizes the light inside of us, the person we are, and how we can make our own wishes come true by pushing our selves. Because I noticed when the guardians, Easter, Ikuto and Utau were pushing themselves to make there dreams come true by trying to get the Embryo which was known to create your wish. When really little by little they were making there own wishes come true by themselves, and as time passed on.

I think the Embryo is us, the people we are.
We are the light of our own paths and making our own wishes come true.
We push ourselves to achieve our own dreams, by using that light inside of us to achieve our goals on our own.

There never really was a wishing egg in the first place, the real wish, the real Embryo.
The true message of the symbolization of the Embryo is that we are the light and way of our own path's, and we are able to make our own wishes come true if we believe in ourselves, and by achieving our dreams and experiencing things that are new; good and bad, and everything else. Slowly step by step we are creating our true selves, finding our true selves, figuring out our goals and dreams in life, and realizing in time the things we get in life are the gifts we had received on our own. The wishes we had dreamed of came true when we believe.
Believe in ourselves.

That's what I believe the Embryo represented.

It was simply in the beginning, believed that the Embryo was the light and way of there paths on creating each person's wish, but really it wasn't, it was them they each made there wishes come true as time progressed.

In my opinion that's what I think, and believe.

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