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Favorite Horror Movies
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25 / F / SA
Posted 3/25/11 , edited 3/26/11
The Crazies

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21 / F / Philippines
Posted 3/26/11 , edited 3/26/11
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26 / F
Posted 3/26/11 , edited 3/26/11
~Favorite horror movie series~
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Friday the 13th
Freddy Krueger
And all those similar movie titles ending with "end" *i.e shawn of the dead, day of the dead, etc.*
Posted 3/27/11 , edited 3/27/11
Drag me to hell - it's so entertaining.
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29 / M / down the hall on...
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/28/11
Creep Show

It taught me never to open boxes from the arctic
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25 / M
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
The Shining.

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25 / M / Sydney
Posted 4/2/11 , edited 4/2/11
I don't watch horror movies very often but mine are Pan's Labyrinth and Sean of the Dead.
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26 / M / Adrift in a sea o...
Posted 4/4/11 , edited 4/5/11
Why has like nobody mentioned The Exorcist, that movie fucking ruined lives...people died!!!

Lol but no seriously I saw that when I was a kid and it messed me up, my younger years are filled with trauma cause of that shit.

When it played in the theaters people threw up, ran screaming out of the theaters, and one lady even moved out of her house because her staircase was similar to the one in the movie. Also a few of the actors died making that movie it was rumored to be cursed since it was a movie about possession. That movie is a classic in horror and will never be surpassed, no movie will ever have an impact like The Exorcist did when it came out. I want to post a pic but I'm alone in the dark and don't wanna see that possessed bitches face...
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Posted 7/3/11 , edited 7/3/11
Probably Vacancy since it has the best ending so far :D
One of those endings you just can't complain about.
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F / あなたのベッド
Posted 7/8/11 , edited 7/8/11
The Evil Dead.

Darkness Falls.

Dawn of the Dead.

Nightmare Man.
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28 / M / Somewhere dark...
Posted 7/9/11 , edited 7/9/11
One of my favorite horror movies was the Japanese version of Ring. It did not rely on jump scares and instead used its atmosphere to build up tension and dread. Sadako's appearance also did not disappoint; she was delightfully terrifying without being over the top.
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24 / F / New York City
Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/10/11
Asian horror movies recently have been my thing..they're pretty freaking crazy, but I love them. I liked [REC], Splinter, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grudge, Insidious, The Strangers, and etc.

Even if they're not that scary, hey if it has blood in it I don't care. Gore, gore, I want more. Horror movies are the freaking best!

Oh my god, there's also this Spanish horror movie that was really good too..I saw it when I went to the Dominican Republic last year. It's a lot like The Exorcist but apparently everyone over there said it was the scariest thing alive. It's called, "Andrea". It was really, really good. Freaked the crap out of me, took me a while to fall asleep at night's scary as shit over there. I was sleeping over at my friend's grandmother's house at this isolated freaking farm so it reminded me of Jeepers Creepers too..I spazzed. Crazy stuff, hahaha.
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F / Crunchyroll
Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/12/11
horror that i can't stand

rec - gave back horror to zombie movies

the exorcist - never got to finish it

120 days of sodom - repulsive

a serbian film - shocking

the grudge (japanese) - creepy

shutter (asian) - horrifying
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41 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 8/14/11 , edited 8/14/11
A few years back, France re-emerged with a new wave of horror films. Movies like Frontier(s), High Tension, À l'intérieur (aka Inside), and Martyrs. The last on that list, Martyrs, especially got to me. I highly recommend them to horror fans.

As for my personal all-time favourite, it's got to be "The Exorcist." It's the quintessential horror ever made.
Posted 8/17/11 , edited 8/17/11
Demons . .

Night of the Demons . .

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