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Posted 7/27/10 , edited 7/27/10

1. Theme Title: _____________
(you think of your own title)

2. Guidelines:

* You need to follow the format of the current profile but not exactly the same.
* It must be the whole profile including the titles/headers.
* The copyright can be written but make sure it's at the end.
* The theme is Free style. So do whatever you want.
* It can be anime or non-anime gfx

3. Due date: August 20th

This is your chance to show your gfx skills! So hurry up and submit your works.
1. how will it be look like?
►it will look like as if you are the one who made the whole DAS's profile (including the avatar)

2. What type of images to use?
►anything you wish. but maintain PG+13

**the winner will automatically be a mod in DAS for a month and then will decide after that month if he/she still wanna continue his/her career to DAS and of course, a chance to get displayed in the hall of fame.^^
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