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*Introducing new group, 20Star: BIGGER than Super Junior!*

If I told you there were currently 17 members, the first thing to pop in your mind would be Super Junior.
Recruited by TGN Entertainment, the group is known as 20Star and currently has 17 members. The members were revealed prior to their August debut.
Most of the members are born in the early 1990′s which kind of make them the younger version of Super Junior, but we can’t say that without seeing or hearing any music from them.
The leader is born in 1989 and the maknae was born in 1994. Looks like you girls got a group to spazz over about!

A-RUN (Leader)

Birthday: December 22, 1989

Seung Tae / 승태

Birthday: August 21, 1993

SiHoo / 시호

Birthday: July 30 1991

Sangmin / 상민

Birthday: January 18, 1993

Hwan / 환

Birthday: April 2, 1993

MIN / 홍민

Birthday: February 19, 1992

Jaeyoon / 재윤

Birthday: November 5, 1993

Daeyoung / 대영

Birthday: July 14, 1990

Dongkyu / 동규

Birthday: September 23, 1993


Birthday: October 25 1994 (maknae)


Birthday: September 27 1994


Birthday: June 2, 1993

Sinsong / 신성

Birthday: August 7, 1990

Dowon / 도원

Luie / 루이

Birthday: April 19, 1993
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*Upcoming group, 20STAR confirmed for 20 members*

Earlier today, we introduced to you an upcoming boy group from TGN Entertainment with 17 confirmed members, but 20STAR‘s first international forum, With20STARS had received a response from the company with confirmation of the amount of members the group will have.
Like many had expected, the group will debut with 20 members with 18 members confirmed so far who are practicing hard for their debut but it seems like a member named Typhoon had left the group due to a personal matter.
Below is a translation of the response With20STARS received:

20STAR is planning to debut 20 members, and future activites will be carried out in project groups. Currently, there are 18 confirmed members practicing hard. And to all the questions we have received, ‘No Typhoon’ has left the team due to personal reasons. The company is currently deciding on his future activites. As of now, all plans are still tentative. Please be patient till further notice. Currently, not all the members have been introduced, but they will be sooner or later.

The group will probably receive much interest due to the crazy amount of members they have, let’s see whether they can prove themselves as a top group in the tough industry!
20STARS is set to debut in August.

Member Sangmin dancing cover of MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah!:

20STAR Ricky Interview:

*All uljjang?*

They're all uljjang, too, so I wonder how much real talent they have behind their handsome flower boy faces. I also want to know how long their trainee years were and in what companies. That says a lot about their efforts to make it in the entertainment world.

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now 20 members WOW too much I'm just shocked. *every day I SHOCK*

btw thanks for the news xD
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wow 0_0 so many members! So hard to remember their names~!
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you are so right...
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WAhh. All i can say to this is. The leader is a cutieee.<333
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ZMbeauty wrote:

WAhh. All i can say to this is. The leader is a cutieee.<333

yeah, he is^^
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Hmm, I did memorize all of Super Junior's name but it took me like a whole year.

Idk about 20star, lol, I want to get to know each member and so far I only know the leader plus the Maknae but so many members, I think I won't be able to memorize their names. Eek!

OMG, Xeno's birthday is only two days away from mines! I feel special lol(:
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waaah! bigger than super junior?!
daaang! waah. but some guys are preety
darn cute. but wow...
ryan is a CUTIEE!
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