People who could kick Edward Cullen's ass and how they would do it

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Posted 7/27/10 , edited 7/28/10
Leon Scott Kennedy--
He would start of with a witty one-liner ("You are small time!"), followed by a flash grenade, then kick him the face and finish him off with a rocket launcher.

Lestat de Lincourt--
He would kick the crap out of him, then drain him of his blood.

Holden Caufield--
He would call him a phony, sending Edward on a trip of self-esteem issues and doubt, ultimately ending in his suicide.
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Posted 12/29/10 , edited 12/29/10
If anyone knows him:

Vladimir Tod who grab his head and shove it up his ass, then set him on fire and laugh while Edward screamed and screamed....*evil smile*
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