Stranger Days

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Stranger Days


Miller arrived home late from another long and unsuccessful day of job hunting. He lived in a humble flat on the outskirts of the city with his wife and son. Miller set the parking brake and rested his elbow on the steering wheel of their inexpensive car and his chin on his hand. He stared at their porch. Not much of a porch, just a little outcropping before the door. Not even room for a chair. The light was on, providing a surprisingly welcoming warmth, considering Miller’s financial stress.

He exited the car and locked the door; it would be an even worse situation if it was stolen. He walked up the few stairs to the front door and found the key quickly. Since he resigned he had thrown out a lot of them since there was no need for many of them. Less than ten remained on the ring; the only one he wasn’t sure of its use was a long old key he never knew he had. He didn’t know why he kept it, it just sort of amused him.
He unlocked the door and was greeted by his wife who had heard him outside. Her name was Reane, and she was the most beautiful woman he has ever known.

Reane: Hi dear! (Then, seeing the look on his face) Not a good day?

Miller: (kisses her) No, not really. (sarcastically) There’s still tomorrow I suppose.

Reane: (Always the more optimistic of the pair) Oh of course! Maybe tomorrow. We have a visitor, Miller.

Miller: Really? Who?

Reane: He’s interested in renting out that spare room. He says he’s an acquaintance of yours.

Miller gave Reane his unique raised eyebrow-ed happy expression and went into the living room.

…. And saw him… Drinking tea…

Miller: (indignantly) What are you doing here?

Man: (Pleasantly surprised) What are you?

Miller: It’s my house.

Man: No it’s not.

Miller: I seem to recall living here the last seven years. I raised my son here for five of those. What do you mean this isn’t my house?

Man: You’re renting.

Miller: How do you know that?

Man: I looked over your bills.

Miller: You read my mail?

Man: They’re all paid by the way.

Miller: (louder) You read my-….. What?

Man: Your bills. All paid.

(Not comprehending, Miller stayed quiet)

Man: Now I’d like to rent that room… say… 500 a month?

Miller:… Five hundred what?

Man: Dollars? I could do it in pennies but I don’t believe that would work for you

The man sat back sipping his tea, an odd smile on his face.

Miller had to sit down. His wife did too.

Five hundred dollars a month? For one room? That was akin to a blessing!

Man: (With a calculating grin) I have one request:

Miller: Go on?

Man: Can I use you Post Office Box?


The next morning, Miller came into the living room to find the Man sitting at the coffee table, fiddling with the golden ball he had pulled out of the P.O. Box when they had met. It seemed to be a puzzle thing, as the man was twisting bits of it around, like a Rubix Cube.

Miller: You know, I never got your name.

Man: (Ignoring Miller’s statement and holds up the golden ball) Could you take a crack at it? I can’t seem to solve it.

Miller: I can’t even solve a Rubix Cube, man.

Then Miller noticed something on the coffee table. A small package that he recognized. He picked it up and heard a soft ticking sound.

Miller: You know, I really dislike the idea of having a ticking box in my house. It has to go.

Man: (reaching up to take the box without looking up) Oh I wouldn’t worry about that. Perfectly harmless.

Miller: (holding it to his ear) Why’s it ticking faster?

Man: …. What was that?

Miller: It’s ticking faster.

Man: Can’t be.

Miller: (Holds it to the Man’s ear) Listen!

Man: Oh dear… Quick! Do any of your neighbors have a mail box?

Miller: Oh dear? Right down the street to the right. Why? What’s going on?

Man: (snatching the box and sprinting out the door) Follow!

Miller chased after him and they arrived at the mailbox.

The package’s ticking had turned into a frightening whir by the time the Man flung open the mailbox and chucked the ticking thing inside.

He slammed the box shut and flipped up the red flag.

Instantly, there was a green flash from within the mailbox.

The Man slumped over in relief.

Man: Well, that was close!

Miller: What in the world was that? Who are you?

Man: I’ll be needing this mailbox. Do you think your neighbor would mind?


A few hours later, the Man had constructed something strange in Miller’s living room.

It involved a plywood box, the size of a small closet with a door built into one side. The opposite side hade the mailbox jammed into a hole carved out of the plywood.

The Man stood back, eyeing his handiwork.

As did Miller, Reane and their son, Sam.

Miller: Err… Would you mind telling me what you have here?

Man: (Cramming the golden puzzle ball and the rolled up paper into his oversized pockets) Oh, you’ll see. Are you ready to go yet?

Miller: (not understanding) Ready? To go where?

Man: Really, Miller, do I need to explain everything? Look, how long have you known me?

Miller: Less than two days! I don’t even know your name! Who are you?

Man: (going behind the structure and flipping up the red flag on the mailbox, causing a green flash from the inside and a low hum) Too much talk. Miss Reane? I’ll have your husband back before dinner! And may I ask, please flip the red flag down once we’re gone, otherwise something might get out!

Miller: Hey, just you wait! I’m not going anywhere with you!

Man: (grips Miller’s arm with surprising strength and flings open the door to the box) Tallyho!

The man drags Miller along with him into the green light, closing the door behind them, leaving a startled Reane to flip down the flag.

She then sat on the couch, rather stupefied by the whole situation.

Figuring this wasn’t the kind of thing to report to the authorities, she resigned to wait until dinner.

Then, if they weren’t back, she’d find out what was going on herself.


Miller couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing.

He and the man were standing on a floating piece of land in a black-green void full of other floating land masses.

Miller: I can’t quite believe what I’m seeing.

Man: Good, that means you’ll be on your toes. (He points to a large landmass a short distance away. It seemed to be made up of a maze of small buildings.) See that there?

Miller simply nodded.

Man: That there is the Postal Labyrinth. It’s formed from all of the post offices in the world.

Miller: Wait. Just what the bloody hell are we doing here?

Man: We could’ve just entered from your post office, but it would be a much more perilous journey that way, so I started us here.

Miller: You didn’t answer my question.

Man: We should be able to enter the Labyrinth about halfway to where we need to be from out here. Just follow these land pieces. They’re close enough to jump from one to another. Come on!

The Man then leapt to the nearest floating bit of land, leaving Miller to follow, who just stood there for a moment.

Miller: Who the hell are you?

Man: Keep up Miller!

Miller sighed then, not knowing quite what he was doing, he jumped to the next island.

The pair proceeded on this way, hopping from one floating island to the next until they reached their destination. They trotted up to the nearest building. There was a long window on the side and as Miller walked up to take a peek, the man yanked him back away from it to the side.

Just then, a large ominous shadow passed by the glass on the inside.

Miller: What was that? Why does it look like a post office in there?

Man: That. That was a Postal. And we do not want to be caught by one of those. Why a post office? You did hear me say the Postal Labyrinth didn’t you? What did you expect? A fast food restaurant’s playland?

The man sidled up to a door on the building and opened it a crack. He peeked in then motioned for Miller to follow.


After an hour of endless corridors lined with post office boxes, Miller and the Man arrived at a spot where the hall split off in many directions.

Miller: Er… Which way?

Man: Which way do you think?

Miller: How should I know? This is all rather new to me!

Suddenly, a unnatural screech sounded from behind them.

Miller: Uh.. would that be one of those Postals that you mentioned earlier?...

Miller, hearing no response, turned to the man, only to see him sprinting frantically down one of the forking pathways.

Miller: (Running after the man)Aw bloody hell, you!

Man: (over his shoulder)I recommend keeping up, my fine fellow!

Miller: Right! Thanks a lot you freak!

There was a crash in the hall behind them then a scrabbling of claws on the tile floor. As if something massive bashed against the wall after losing purchase on the smooth floor while rounding the corner and now trying to regain grip and resume chase.

Miller resisted the urge to look back as he scrambled down the long corridor.

He resisted the urge to look back.

He resisted the urge as sweat dripped down his face to the floor, knowing something big was after them.

He resisted the urge to look at the obviously monstrous thing closing in behind him.

He resisted the urge.

For three whole seconds.

Behind him was a great shadowy beastlike body with envelopes jutting out of the huge yet emaciated body haphazardly. It ran on all fours and had a barrel chest, yet long thin arms and short hind legs.

Its head was simply a convenient location to hinge a massive jaw upon, lined with sharp rows of teeth.

It had no eyes, only a few more envelopes and stamps affixed randomly.

Needless to say, Miller somehow managed to quicken his pace.

He just saw his first Postal.


Man: (Over his shoulder) Sharp left! Sharp left! Through the door!

Miller made the turn, nearly slipping on the tile flooring, and rushed through a door.

The man slammed them shut and grabbed Miller by the upper arm, leading him down a hallway with most of the lights out.

The Postal slammed into the door behind them but miraculously it wouldn’t budge.

It let out another hideous screech.

Man: That should give us a little time. You know what you have to do right?

Miller: Hell, I don’t even understand what’s going on!

The man stopped and released Miller’s arm.

Man: What, didn’t I explain it?

Miller: No!

The man paused for a moment, seemingly in thought.

Man: Well, no time for that now. (He tossed the golden puzzle like ball to Miller who caught it) Get working.

Miller: I said I can’t do these!

But the man was already strolling down the hall.

A light emanated from the far end.

Miller sighed and followed him, almost getting used to this sort of treatment.

As they neared the light, Miller realized it was another room, totally devoid of the usual post office boxes along the walls. There was only one huge vault.

The vault door towered above them as they entered the room, Miller almost had to close his eyes, it was so bright in there.

The man stood proudly, arms akimbo.

Man: Here we are! Got that puzzle sphere worked out?

Miller: I said no!

Suddenly, there was that ear splitting shriek again.

Followed y another.

And another.

Many others.

Man: Well, you might want to get cracking, Miller.

To be continued…
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this 'Man' is a suspicious felllloooooowwwwwwwww owo
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Miller's getting into some FISHY stuff man XD
That guy keeps TICKING PACKAGES in boxes that aren't his =w=

So when do I get moorree?!!? owo
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when i figure out a little more of whats going on XD

shouldn't take too long, just gotta find some random inspiration
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I'm guessing...
*so proud*
lol I like this story |D

Coulda had the Man say "Ah, you mean my house?"
when Miller said he didn't want a ticking box in his house |D
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Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/1/10
I'm not too sure what would've happened.... good thing they didn't have to find out XD

nothing good, i know that

and thankee

it's about to get alot stranger
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Goood, stranger is GOODER!
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Wooo, adventure with a mysterious Man!
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This is one epic story.
Keep up the good work.
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Angelonius wrote:

This is one epic story.
Keep up the good work.

thankee kindly!

have you read 'Post Office'? if not, you need to so you can have a bit of a background on what's goin on
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Posted 12/14/10 , edited 12/15/10

rhyck wrote:

Angelonius wrote:

This is one epic story.
Keep up the good work.

thankee kindly!

have you read 'Post Office'? if not, you need to so you can have a bit of a background on what's goin on

I've been reading that epic story.
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