Annoy the crap out of BoasuKazuma
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Posted 1/6/08 , edited 1/7/08
A conversation between BK and Jorl about me and BK being locked in the chatroom together

Jorlwind wrote:

BasouKazuma wrote:

Edit: Chatroom is down and the only other person who's still connected is gunblastergun. @[email protected]

I tremble to think at what he'll do in there by himself.

Part of the conversation which me and BK had in the chat

gunblastergun: its just u and me, isnt it romantic?
gunblastergun: xDDDDD
gunblastergun: lmao
basouKAZUMA: nooooo

Am I really that scary?

This is the mess up the group forums had, it let me edit posts!

Shinji's way to fight back

Notice how I'm logged in yet it asks me to log in :P

Proof that this is real here is the forum thread: They Deleted it
Deleted the forum omg

Few things about this Image confuse me first off does Basou have two accounts?
Second of all who is this Malkovich Malkovich??
Thirdly, Basou is 13?
and Finally Shinji makes gb comments??????????
Few things about this image are kinda funny
1.He uploaded one picture
2.He uploaded a movie
3.He is part of a group named after himself?

So I did a little digging into this group of Basou's

As I looked at this strange little group I wonder some more questions
1.Who is this Malovich Malcovich (notice its missing the k's)
2.Why would he make is other account a mod in his own group, well its test so he must have just wanted to test the modding abilities or something like that but still.

So I look down at the members and I only see two normal :P

But just then I locked back up at the info and found it was an Open group and anyone can join.

here is the link to the group

The Group BK made for his little test has now become his FanClub

But whats this!!!!

First member to join, discovered the group and he makes other people mods how heart breaking after I went through all the trouble of exposing his little hide out T.T *cries* I mean I thought we had a connection!

Ok so these pictures are old but i figure what the hell :D

What a narutard lol

This is just funny yo xD

In other news again the Basou unregistered fanclub is up to 37 members. *and im still not a mod wtf xD*

photoshoped it for fun

Also he hates it when you quote his picture on

(if some of the information is a little weird its cause i had to take parts out cause i was updating it in a group thread)

I made this for fun cause annoying BK is fun :O So if you have anything to help do post I love to annoy him :O Tell me what you think
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Posted 1/6/08 , edited 1/7/08
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