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I turned around as soon as I heard that scream. It sounded like a couple a kids in trouble from the park. "Help!!"
My face turned serious. I ran towards the park, while running, I took out my cellphone and dialed numbers.

"Hey. There's trouble at the park. Please come now," I said.
"Okay, I'll meet you there as fast as I can."

I hug up and slid my phone in my pocket. I arrived at the park, breathing a bit heavy, only to see a bunch of X-Eggs scrambled all over the park, attacking innocent children while they were running. I see only one child left in the area running away from the X-Eggs. Suddenly the X-Eggs attacked with a black swirl coming straight towards the child. "Watch out!!" I ran towards the child as quickly as I could. I jumped towards the child with my arms and hands extended towards the child to get him away from the attack. I caught him in my arms and covered him, and fell on the ground. I got off the child. "Are you okay?" "Yeah...onee-chan! Watch out!" he shouted. I turned around to see the same black swirl attack come towards me.

"....Blaze Shoot!" A blue ball spinned in front of the black swirl to block it. A shadow then appeared in front of me.
"Finally," I smirked and stood up. The child ran away towards his parents.
"You okay?"
"Yeah. Thanks Nagihiko," I replied. He smiled.
"Mai, chara-nani," I said.
"Okay!" Mai replied.

I undergo the chara-nani transformation. "Chara-nani, Spade Wish!"
I appeared with an artistic look.
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Are you using a different Character?

Hinamori Amu

"Amu-chan we sense an X-Egg near by!!" Ran said as she flew next to me.
"Eh? Where?" I asked as I stood up pushing my chair away from the table.
"Near the park" Miki said as she pointed to the way.
"Let's go, Tadase-kun, Rima, Yaya" I said. We all started running out of the
Royal Garden and to the park.

Narrator: Meanwhile.....

Arisa Hayashida

"sigh everything si so boring nothing interesting at all" I thought with a sigh.
My phone rang and when I looked at the Caller Id it was Kukai my cousin.
"Hello?" I picked up. "Arisa wanna go somewhere?" Kukai asked with a rather
excited voice. "Sure where to?" I asked as I stood up and looked out the window.
"How about we eat Ramen?" Kukai asked. "Sure I don't mind. I'll meet you infront
of your house?" I hung up. I changed into my tank top, skirts, leg socks and my
black pair of ankle boots.
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