61 Things To Do Before You're 16 - Any suggestions?? =D
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Posted 7/29/10 , edited 7/29/10

My friends and I had an idea to do anything fun [ or random ] before we hit 16~ We just need some other ideas [ at the moment we have 33, but the list ish with my friend ], any of you got some~?? =DD

Examples - what we have:

- Learn a different language other than the language we know [ I'm Filipino and learning Japanese at school but I'm deciding on Russian~ ]

- Learn a new skill

- Go to an Anime Convention~~

- Charity Work [ gotta be nice =D ]

It doesn't have to be an outside thing, can be random but it's gotta be a bit creative. The thing is, we have to do ALL these things before our birth date~!! So it's gonna be a goal thing.

So post a suggestion, yeah? =3


Posted 7/29/10 , edited 7/29/10
Nothing special about turning 16
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