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Posted 7/29/10 , edited 7/30/10

Ok so what if hypothetically the characters in the Narutoverse could use a Fusion Style Jutsu, or sum how obtained the petar earrings? Well heres ur chance to do sum. Please be mature and keep it same gender, and Naruto ONLY(no outside animes). Also try to make sumone that would be interesting.

Like this 1st I will post will be Shikamaru Nara + Naruto Uzumaki= Shikato Namakzi. This is the best working name for this one, lets face Narumaru jus doesn't sound that great. As far as the last name I chose Namakazi since that was Naruto's fathers last name and its similar to Uzumaki & it has an N in it like Nara. Also this would be a very cool personality, with Shikamaru's Brains and strategy, combined with Naruto's hard training & never quit style. But with Shikamaru's laziness & Naruto's obnoxiousness would prolly both be sum what toned down. For the Outfit I used the outfits from the 1st series as it would look better. not much would change for the 2nd series it jus doesn't look as good. Also The Goggles Naruto gave Konohanmaru r back. I used sumones Naruto Character Creator on deviantART. so here it is.

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