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Posted 7/29/10 , edited 7/30/10

* Use the gfx we make for at least a few days, if u don't use them, we will delete your new request
* Be patient and NO chatting
* Give high quality, big pics (it's better if the character is in whole body or most of it (big)
* No manga pictures (black/white) or inappropriate pictures(ecchi, etc.)
* Don't post avatar/ profile requests here
* If we delete your request it's because was REJECTED/BROKEN the rule, so don't request that request again

Available GFX::

[We DO NOT work on LONG Profile]
What are you requesting?:
Size: [crop or not?]
Text: [5 text only for banner/title]
Border?:[what color?]
Picture(s):[only 2 max for title/banner][u can give more for us to choose and say if u want only one or two of those ones]
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