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What the outside looks like

A special guest room.

What the inside looks like


This hotel was built in the 1800s. Sure it looks new, but it's actually pretty old.
Anyone is allowed in the hotel. Either if you're on vacation, if you need a place to stay, or if you're just visiting. You're welcomed 100%!
And... the hotel is free! No need to worry about money. :D

The outside has a security system so only people who don't have any weapons can come in. If you have weapons, the metal detector will signal and the security will drag you out.

The special guest room is for the first person who checks in. Once that person leaves the next person to check in recently gets it. Not the 2nd person who checks in, no, they get a different room. It's the very next recent person. Get it? Up to 10 people maximum.

The inside room is just a regular hotel room. Up to 6 people maximum.

Alright, the hotel has a outdoor pool in the back.

In the inside however, there's a spa.

We are not responsible for facial damage or skin damage.

We also have a food court containing all restaurants. Fast food restaurants, regular restaurants, etc. Eat whatever you want for free!
For breakfast, we recommend eating at IHOP AKA International House of Pancakes.
For lunch, we recommend eating at fast food restaurants.
For dinner, we recommend eating at regular restaurants.

That's all! Have fun!
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i wish i could go there!
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