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Posted 7/31/10 , edited 8/2/10

Name: Akiyama Megumi
Ø Age: 13 Years Old
Ø Nickname: Me,Akimi,Megumi,
Ø DOB: 6 February
Ø Gender: Female
Ø Personality: Cute,Shy,Lovely,Sweet,
Ø Occupation: Model
Ø Dream: Singer
ØChara Nyari: unknown currently
Ø Hobby: Singing,Sketching
Ø Fave Food: sweets
Ø Fave Place: s.a garden
Ø Others: She has a brother named Akiyama Jun.

Tranformations: Artistic Hime(Midori), Athletic Hime (Reiko), Patissiere Hime(Hana), Musical Hime(Miyu)

Shugo Charas: Midori - Shy, Friendly, Loves drawing, Patient, Dense, Obedient,Reiko - Very sporty, loves to run around, helpful and friendly, likes to irritate Megumi, Hana - Cute, Friendly, Always spare a thought for people,Sweet, Loves cleaning,Best housekeeper amongst them, Miyu - Loves to sing and is on best terms with Midori, Miyu is very shy and embarrassed easily thus, giving off a stuck-up feeling to others

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