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Posted 1/6/08 , edited 1/7/08
Essentially this thread is for a list of fun online role playing games, particularly the free ones. Here are a couple that enjoy:

Strategy Based:
Create your own province within a kingdom of other players on the free and massive role playing game. War thousands of other players from rival kingdoms, or betray your own. In this game you can rely on sheer martial strength by building up a massive fleet of staunch soldiers and slaughtering your enemy. You can grow with magic. Use various spells to weaken your enemy before attacking with negligible forces and reaping great rewards for your tactics with the arcane arts. You can earn strong alliance with friendly spells. Not a warrior or a mage type? Play as a rogue and use thievery operations. Forget combat for loot, simply rob your enemies and use what you gain for your nations strength. All of these are available to your, but beware for the same weapons can be harnessed against you.

Real time action.
Lots of interaction.
Good way to meet other gamers.
Requires actual strategy and not just time playing.
Encourages you to work with allies.
Starts you off with a horde of friends to defend you against stronger players.
Is massively multiplayer.
Detailed explanation on game play.
Insane replay value.
Never seems to get old.
Plethora of race and classes.
Various others.

People take this game way too seriously.
Should you miss a few days… You’re kingdom will probably banish you and you’ll be deleted.
Relatively hard to learn, even with good directions.
Demands you rely largely on outside web pages that you can’t necessarily trust. (Like the pimp.)
You can’t go all out and destroy another province.
You can’t conquer your enemy.
Continuous restart that destroys all purpose of growing.
Impossible to make it high into the ratings if you don’t start at the beginning of the age.
No graphic support, entirely text based.
Various other complaints.

Tribal wars is a graphic strategy game. You find yourself started out with no real guidance, a small village with basic resource gathering complexes and a town hall. Under the protection of the game you’re untouchable, but only for a short time. Be quick, mine for iron, gather clay, and collect lumber and begin to construct your massive armies. Obliterate your enemies and consume rival villages. It’s a real-time war simulator!

Graphic support keeps it your eyes relatively entertained.
Allows you to actually conquer your enemies, but doesn’t remove you from the game if you’re conquered. (it moves you.)
Doesn’t require you work with other players.
Is something you can enjoy if you’re a casual gamer.
Real time game play.
Various others.

Gets old.
There’s a good chance you will just get owned by a powerful player if you’re started in the wrong place.
No guidelines whatsoever. You’re completely left on you own to figure out the functions of everything.
No audio whatsoever.
Finite interaction with other players.
Various others.

Other styled RPGS:

Hidden world’s game play is hardly revolutionary or riveting. It get very boring, and yet a dedicated gamer will find himself strangely addicted. The game really rewards you for in game growth, but doesn’t rush you or require daily log on. Hang around long enough and you get a chance to become a moderator for the game. I’ve played this one for years, off and on, and the appeal of the rewards you can earn in this game are juicy.

The truth is that the in game activity is mediocre at very best. However, wander into the inn and you can have a 100% free role play experience with other players while chatting. Once you’ve made yourself a few acquaintances this can lead to literally endless entertainment. Most people aren’t going to enjoy this game, or even hang around long enough to understand why some of us are so loyal to it, but for those who get hooked its something that may just change you life.

This one has minor graphics, minor game play, and reeks of everything mediocre. There’s nothing wonderful about this game but it’s pretty fun for a while and can keep you entertained. There are plenty of goals and I’ve yet to manage to explore everything available in the game. As you gain levels you gain the ability to explore new places (which amounts to a series of pictures) and eventually you can form clans that compete for power but can’t interact.

I played it for about a year and then left it, but you may enjoy it.

NOW THEN! On those lost three reviews I sounded more pessimistic. This does not necessarily reflect the game play. I prefer TW and HW to Utopia. I was simply bored and sick of typing but decided to follow through.

I no long have an account on the first or third games, but if you message me and are a member of one of the other two games…maybe we can contact within them?
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Posted 1/8/08 , edited 1/8/08
Sword Of the New World: Granado Espada

Good Graphics
MCC (Multi Character Control), Control three people
Variety of classes
"family" system

Nobody role plays (even though it has good potential for it)

New leveling areas are hard to find, so after awhile you go around 1-shotting monsters like 7 lvls below you before someone tells you where a good leveling place for you is

Repetitive after awhile
Emotes are kinda confusing
Mostly people are "solitary hunters"

Comments: I like it a lot, I've been trying to find fellow role players on there but nobody does. Not a lot of people talk, not even in towns.

If anyone wants to party up, my char family name is Laerden and the server I play on is Orpesia, channel 2.
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