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Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/2/10
No Post On Sunday
as requested by Kokochii
story by embie

. . . M o n d a y . . .

Lilith sat on her front porch, waiting for the mail. Any day now, she’d get a letter from the College…

Would it be a yes, or a no? Or ‘deferred for further review…’

She dreaded the last one the most. It would mean more waiting, more painful, painful waiting.

She could see the Mailman coming down the street now… He was almost at her house. She rushed inside before he got there, so she wouldn’t seem like some sort of freak.

He noticed, of course, and put the mail in her box. If he hadn’t known she would be right on the other side of the door, he would have peaked into the house again.

He shrugged though. There would always be the next day, and the day after that. He had all the time in the world. No need to rush things…

. . . T u e s d a y . . .

The next day was Tuesday. Lilith probably wouldn’t be coming out of the house at mail time today.

As the Mailman slowly walked up to her house, slipped the family’s mail into the box, and paused to ‘tie his shoe.’

He glanced into the house.

Lilith was sitting on the couch in the front room, watching TV.

The Mailman grinned slightly, and turned to leave.

. . . W e d n e s d a y . . .

The next day, Wednesday, Lilith was coming out from the house to her car when the Mailman stopped by. Of course, he’d timed it perfectly… She had a yoga class at this same time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“Your mail,” he said, as he handed her the small bundle. Most of it was for her parents, but there was one addressed to her. The envelope had the colors of a State College.

She eagerly took the mail and thanked the Mailman.

“Just doing my job, Miss Lilith….”

She nodded and put the mail inside the house, keeping the one letter with her as she got in the car.

The mailman stopped, pretending to adjust his bag of mail and rearrange things inside it. He heard a squeal from the car, and looked up momentarily to see Lilith dancing in the seat of her car.

“Going to College next year, I see,” he mumbled to himself as he finished his rounds for the day.

. . . T h u r s d a y . . .

On Thursday, Lilith was feeling so good that she sat in the front yard reading most of the day. As the Mailman approached the house with the day’s mail, he spotted her.

He called out to her.

She looked up as he made his way toward her.

“Here’s the mail today, Lilith. I figured it would be easier this way rather than putting it in the box.”

“Oh, thanks, Mr. …”
She glanced at his name-tag. “Mr. Smith.”

She’d never paid the Mailman the light of day, so she hadn’t known his name. Maybe, had he been twenty or so years younger, she would have cared about his name.

The Mailman nodded and went on with his duties, and Lilith sifted through the mail to see if there was anything important.

There was one letter for her. Hand written, but with no return address.

She furrowed her brows and looked around as she tore open the envelope.

Dear Lilith, I have been an admirer of yours for quite some time now.

That was it.

She put the letter away, looked around again, and blushed as she continued reading her book.

. . . F r i d a y . . .

On Friday, Lilith waited for the Mailman outside.

When she spotted him coming up her driveway, she frowned slightly, and stopped him. “Hey, um… Mr. Smith, you wouldn’t happen to know who sent me that letter, would you…? It wasn’t postmarked… So I figure they just gave it to you, right?”

He nodded slowly.

“Then… who was it?” She was hoping it was Elliott… She’d had a thing for him for a while.

The Mailman shook his head again.

“Sorry, Lilith. I can’t tell you who sent it… client confidentiality, see?”

She sighed, and nodded. “Yeah, um… thanks then.” She took the mail for the day and made her way back to her front door.

There were two for her this time.

Lilith, I’ve been watching you from afar for quite some time now.

Lilith looked around again. This was odd…

She looked over the second one.

Lilith, I’ve known all about you… for quite some time now.

She frowned, and threw away all three of the letters she’d gotten. It was getting creepy. Even if it was Elliott…

. . . S a t u r d a y . . .

As Saturday came, Lilith was worried. What if she got another creepy letter in the mail…?

She watched from the window as the Mailman came up the driveway. But he stopped before he reached the mailbox, and looked at where Lilith was, through the window.

A shiver went down her spine, and she got up. The Mailman seemed to call her outside with a flick of his hand.

She opened the door and stepped out. It was overcast, and about to rain, it looked like, which didn’t make her feel any better.

Without a word, the Mailman handed her today’s mail. Or rather, today’s creepy notes. She must have missed it when he put the rest of the mail in the box…

“Go on, read them Lilith.”

She looked up at the middle-aged Mailman, and frowned. “Umm…”

She opened the first one.

I’ve dreamt about you for years, Lilith.

She opened the second one, feeling even more uneasy.

You’re hot, Lilith.

She fidgeted.

Now that you’re 18 (and I know that you turned 18 today), I can legally love you fully.

Lilith dropped the rest of them, and turned to run.

The Mailman grabbed her arm, though.

“Ah, but you’ve finally turned 18, and there’s no Post on Sundays!”

“You’re crazy…!”
Lilith shoved his hand away and ran to the house.

She locked the door behind her, and called the police with her cell phone.

She freaked out when the Mailman appeared right in front of her.

“You seem to have forgotten the back door, Lilith.”

Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/2/10
You’re hot, Lilith.

you.... actually... LOOOLL
thanks for making me laugh while i was bitching out!

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27 / F / In my own little...
Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/2/10
Yeppp, I did |D
I EVEN avoided the dreaded number by just saying she called the police |D
I had the number at first and then I was like "owo Kokochii won't like that |D"
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23 / F / o-o places =3
Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/2/10
scary...scary...mailman ; w ;
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27 / F / In my own little...
Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/2/10
Yesss, never trust your middle aged mailmen Kinnie |D
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Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/2/10
And that's when The Man climbs in through a window and shoves a one of his ticking packages into that mailman's mouth, then drags him outside and shoves his head into the mailbox.

And poof! it's now a happy ending.

Your welcome
Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/2/10
HEHE good choice embie , good choicee |D
i still laugh everytime at, "your hot, lilith." XD
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27 / F / In my own little...
Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/2/10
@ Bob :: AHAHH OMG >:D
Nice |D The Man is cool so far XD

@ Kokochii :: Yes, I'm so smart for avoiding your wrath |D
and yeah, I just had to include that line, juusstt foorrr youuuu since I knew you would laugh at it XD
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