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23 / M / sweden
Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/17/10
Character sign up

Character Name:
Skills: devil fruits included
Side: Marine, Pirate, Bounty Hunter,
Devil Fruit: Optional if wanted a devil fruit choose here you can also make your own devil fruit
Crew: crews listed below, visit their forums to check what their looking for write the crew name here then wait to see if accepted You can also be a marine! at the moment shell town is desperatly in need for marines to protect the town !!
Position: chef, musician, doctor commander etc
Picture: of your character



Vahs Pirates
Total Bounty


bounty hunters loners etc

Create Your Own Crew

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21 / F / Gun of America ;D
Posted 8/3/10 , edited 8/4/10
Username: Shiciro22
Character Name: Shiciro Kuromizu
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy and quiet to people she doesnt know..........She can be very funny and outgoing....she is a bit of a tom-boy
Skills: Knows the human body well, and is familier with herbs used for medicine
Weapons: She can attack a person by hitting their pressure points
Biography: Both her parents (who were doctors) were killed by pirates.. The pirates took her abord their ship and forced her to work for them. She escaped and is now looking for a new pirate crew to join..she wants to become a doctor and is very serious about her work.
Side: Pirate
Crew: Vahs pirate
Position: Doctor
Picture: My comp wont let me post a picture.........Her hair is dark blue and in two ponytails...She has gray eyes and always wears a siilver jacket with black shorts

Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/6/10
Username: Sai2510
Character Name: Monkey D. Ginkai
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Find out yourself~
Skills: Knows all the 306 pressure points of the human body and uses the Santoryu Sword Style. And has the Jikan Jikan No Mi Devil Fruit Power.
Weapons: Four Cursed Swords. The 1st one is strapped on his back and the rest are strapped on his waist.
Biography: Unknown~
Side: Used to be a Famous Pirate Hunter but then became a Pirate Himself.
Devil Fruit: Jikan Jikan No Mi: The Devil Fruit Of Time. anyone who eats this fruit will be able to manipulate and control time as he wishes and sees fit.
Crew: Vahs Pirates.
Postion: Master Swordsman.

Posted 8/5/10 , edited 8/14/10
Username: KukaiSoumaLover
Character Name: Natsumi Ryuu
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, nice, tomboy, can be evil at times.....the rest you have to find out
Skills: Is faster than normal ppl with swordfighting and other stuff. Is good in close combat. and the power of Hie Hie no Mi.
Weapons: Use two swords

Biography: Her big brother (Kenji Ryuu )disaperd to be a pirate when she was 10. She promised him that she was going to be a pirate too when she was grown up. When she turned 18, she went to find a crew. She trained with swords and close combat from when she was a kid.
Side: Pirate
Devil Fruit: Hie Hie no Mi: The Devil Fruit of ice. Anyone who eats this fruit will be able to control ice as he or she wishes.
Crew: Vahs Pirate
Position: Navigator& fighter
Picture: B

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43 / M / norway
Posted 8/6/10 , edited 8/6/10
Username: Nawaho
Character Name:kenji "bulls-eye" ryuu
Age: 26
Gender: male
Personality: funny, and has a big mouth. a Little trigger happy.
Skills: hits all he look at, and great with all firearms.
Weapons: gun, rifle and trowing weapons
Biography: has a younger sister " Natsumi Ryuu" who he have not seen in 8 years.
have been to grand line 1 time.
Side: Pirate
Devil Fruit: bulls-eye fruit.

Posted 8/8/10 , edited 8/17/10
Username: darknessofthemoonlight
Character Name: Momo Yakushi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Personality: Random.
Skills: toro toro no mi devil fruit- control of liquids adn ability to turn into liquid
Weapons: Two silver katana
she was raised in her fathers dojo, and once her father died, leaving her teh title of best swords man, she set out, hunting pirates. She is facinated by pirates and may end up joining them *HINT XD*
Side: Bounty Hunter
Devil Fruit: toro toro no mi
Crew: ----
Position: ------

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20 / F / USA
Posted 8/9/10 , edited 8/17/10
Username: yuki_kimizuki
Character Name: Yuki
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: ._. find out
Skills: an unknown devil fruit which alows her to control souls and good at navagating (or how ever yhew spell it)
Weapons: She carries a scyth (forgive spelling)
Biography: yhew have to find tht out yhewr self
Side: doesnt have a side :P
Devil Fruit: unknown devil fruit

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27 / M / why? you stalking...
Posted 3/18/11 , edited 3/18/11

Username: Hakumen-
Character Name: Jack D. Red
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: mysterious
Skills: Very strong, Can fight for long periods of time, can sing and play instruments, he can also use Haki
Weapons: One hand he wears a tiger claw and the other hand is a guantlet that has the power of the oni oni fruit

Biography: Jack Red is a very notorius pirate, to the Marines, on his Island on the other side of the red line, very far from fishman island, the Island is called Deno Island, the Island has a giant problem, the giants take whatever from the only own on the Island leaving the people nothing. One day Jack, after 4 years came back, Agiant attacks him with a club, acrater forms under the club so the giant thinksthat he killed Jack, but no, Jack stopped the club using his oni oni guantlet, Jack easily pushed the club up and combined Haki made the giant fly, the other giants were cowards and ran away. Jack is powerful and should be left alone. Jack is now in East Blue exploring.
Side: Pirate
Crew: would like to be a Vahs pirate, cant load the crew page so I dont know the requirements
Position: Musician
Picture: I'll draw it and post later

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Posted 7/2/13 , edited 7/3/13
Username: Umagi
Character Name: Olivia Scarlet
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Usually nice and kind to everyone until they anger her, or hurt someone she's fond of.
Skills: Olivia has a devil fruit that allows her to control plant life, more specifically, vines. They double as tentacles if you well, or extra hands. They don't come from the ground, but from her own body. However in a grassy or fertile place, she can make them sprout from the ground as well. She's also skilled in medicine.
Weapons: N/a
Biography: Olivia is just a simple villager. However, her parents were killed by pirates when she was a baby. However she's very unaware of that. No one ever told her, which is why she doesn't hold a grudge against pirates. She learned medicine due to so many little kids getting hurt on the island/in her village. She's not a professional doctor for her village, she just doctors up the people she may be around that are hurt. Her dream is to be a pirate, even though she's being pushed to be a doctor for the Marines.
Side: ? ? ?
Devil Fruit: Tsu Tsu no Mi
Crew: N/a
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27 / M
Posted 1/1/14 , edited 1/2/14
Username: Serphim275 (Meant to be spelled Seraphim271)
Character Name: Alistar J. Willams
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: A dark person who likes to be left alone when he's in his room. Steps up when it comes to killing someone, last to retreat, first to fight. He feels like he has a brother somewhere in the world but isn't sure about that though.
Skills: He uses the black fire of his devil fruit around his swords to make them more lethal in power he can also surround his body in flames and then use martial arts with it. He uses the Conquerer's Haki to take out the majority of the weaklings who weren't prepared to face his lethal power.
Weapons:Two Katana's (Of Legendary Value/Metal/Status)
Biography: Alistar practiced the Two Sword Style since he was 10 since he has practiced for 9 years he has developed a majority of techniques revolving around the devil fruit he ate when he was 5 and was starving, he never had any parents but he always feels as if there's someone who's his brother, someone opposite of him, a person who finds the light in things and makes everyone happy. This has always been something that he just felt he knew. His devil fruit went out of control majorly and destroyed a whole town with his black fire fruit killing 700 people considering it was a small town children included this happened when he was 15 and he was mad that he had been robbed in his sleep. Since then his bounty sky rocketed and it was 5 million beri. Since then bounty hunters and marines have come after him but fail in front of his power most of these people had devil fruits considering that I wasn't "normal" in there terms. They had a right to think that.
Side: Pirate
Devil Fruit: Black Fire Fruit
Crew: Black Fire Pirates
Position: Captain
Picture: Couldn't find one I'll explain the appearance instead sorry. D:
Appearance: A black coat, black pants, black shirt and a red strap where he holds his sword in this is located at his waist. He has a normal looking face and bright purple eyes. His hair is also black majorly other then some strands of white hair. He doesn't seem very strong but he can pack a punch without using the black fire on his swords and he mostly does that to conserve energy. He only does this on very tough opponents.
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