What it is like to be your guardian wandering around...

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Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/2/10
Let's make a story! Anyone can write about whatever they want, but please, no inappropriate pictures or mean language, please! Thank-you! Now, I will start the story... Aha! Okay! Enjoy!

Ran: I am tired...
Miki: I told us to go under that tree!
Ran: Soooo? At least I know were we are!
Suu: Um, Ran?
Ran: Yeah?
Suu: What's that doggie doing running and barking at us?
Ran&Miki: RUN!!!
Suu:( She has no intent that they are smaller than furrious dogs...) ..........
Amu: What are you guys doing at the dog pound gate?
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