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Shell Town

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Posted 8/20/10 , edited 8/20/10
Yuki: *back away* n-no...i-im fine... *nervously smiles*
Posted 8/20/10 , edited 8/20/10

Natsumi: Ok *smiles and continue to walk and eat while looking around*
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Posted 8/20/10 , edited 8/21/10
shiciro noticed natsumi talking to yuki.......shiciro giggled noticing how yuki looked lost.

Posted 8/21/10 , edited 8/21/10
*After finished my bread, i look behind me and giggles to Yuki, but then keep moving*
*I spot somone who punch and kick a boy, around 12-13 years. I walk past the bad guys, take the boys hand and walk out of there*
*While im walking away with the boy, the bad guys come after me*
Bad guy: Hey! Let go of him, he is our prey!
*I ignore them and keep on walking*
Bad guy: *pissed* HEY! Didnt you hear me! Lady! What do you think your doin??
*i sighed and look at them*
Natsumi: Im going to save a boy from some stupid dogs
Bad guy: DOGS?? *PISSED* Hey Lady, if you dont give us that kid, we have to hurt you!
Natsumi: *giggles* Hurt me?? TRY IT!
Bad guy: We wont go easy on you cus ur a woman!
Natsumi: Whatever... *sighs*
*before the bad guys attack, the boy pulls my t-shirt a bit, i look at him*
Boy: P-please...dont fight them...i dont want ppl to get hurt because of me....*he close his eyes while speaking*
*I pet his head and smiles*
Natsumi: They dont know who i am, but i wont get hurt *giggles* Just stand behind me
*the boy do as i say, the bad boys run towards me, its just 3 ppl*
Natsumi: *think: They arent stong at all...this is no fun.....i just freeze them...*
*while thinking one of them puch me in my face, i just smiles*
*I punch his stomach much harder, after puched and kicked them a little, i freeze them to the ground*
Natsumi: Dont EVER bother this kid or others again! Or else, i will hunt you down *evil grin* and do me a favor....all of you GO BALD! *giggles*
*I keep going and holding the boys hand*
Boy: Y-you dont have to hold my hand miss...
Natsumi: *let go of his hand and smiles* Just call me Natsumi or something, whats ur name??
Boy: Can i call you Nat?? and my name is Kyo
Natsumi: *a little suprised* Sure, nice name Kyo. Where do u live? I can take u there...i dont have anything to do right now...
Kyo: I take you there.....*nervous, but ask* you prosess a devil fruit?and are you sure ur not hurt?? he punched u in the face.....
Natsumi: Yup, i do and no im not hurt, im stronger than that *smiles*
*we keep talking as i fallow him*
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Posted 8/21/10 , edited 8/21/10
Yuki: T-T *walks away kinda scared still lost*
Posted 8/22/10 , edited 8/22/10
*thinking: I hope that girl wil be ok...maybe i check her out after ive walked Kyo home....*
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Posted 8/24/10 , edited 8/24/10
Shiciro noticed natsumi walk away with a little boy.

Whos the kid? She thought
Posted 8/25/10 , edited 8/25/10
*after walking for a while, Kyo and i get to a small house*
Natsumi: Do you live here Kyo?
Kyo: Yes....
Natsumi: Then, i be going now *turn around, but Kyo pulled my shirt* What is it?
Kyo: Im sorry for the trubble Nat-chan.....and.....----*stomach growls, he blush*
Natsumi: *Giggles* Are you hungry??
Kyo: Yeah....also my mom and dad to and my lil sis...
Natsumi: Btw, why did they beat you up?
Kyo: These men?? Because my family havent paid off fro our house yet.....*whispear* we dont have enough money.....*look away*
Natsumi: *i pet his head* Dont worry Kyo, it will be fine! Here *give him money* Be sure to pay me back someday * * and get a good payed job *smiles* And it wouldnt hurt to get a little stronger, so you can defend yourself *smiles*
Kyo: *Take the money nervously* Thank you Nat-chan.....*smiles shyly*
Natsumi: There is no reason to be shy ya know? btw how many is it in your family?? 4 ppl including you?
Kyo: Yes. But what if my mother dont believe that i got it from you....its not just a bit either....
Natsumi: *take a paper from my pocket and write on it* Here, give this to your mother.
Kyo: Thank you..... Nat-chan.....Where are you going??
Natsumi: Im just going to look around in the town until my ship is gonna continue sailing.
Kyo: Are you in the marine!? * :O *
Natsumi: *rubs the back of my head* No...Im a pirate *smiles happy to him*
Kyo: Pirate!? * :O * I thouth every pirate was mean and bad and---
Natsumi: Hey, not every one is, and besides a pirate is still a person and persons have different personalities just like you.
Kyo: I know that....and I dont hate you even if your a that means that i dont hate every one! *exited mood* *take his lil finger out* Come on! Grabb it!!
*i grab it with my lil finger*
Kyo: I Promise that I will get a job, train and pay back your money someday when i get older!
Natsumi: *giggles* Good and dont puch yourself to hard. Dont let your family down either.
Kyo: I wont! Bye Nat-chan!!!!!
*I walk away and smiles*
Natsumi: Bye Kyo! Dont you dare to foget our promise!
Kyo: I wont! *smiles happly*
*walk into the town and jump on a roof, lie down and stare at the sky*
Natsumi: *Think: He is a good kid...He will be a great man when he grow up.....*
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Posted 8/26/10 , edited 8/27/10
*sits on a roof sleeeping snoaring loud*
Posted 8/27/10 , edited 8/27/10
*hear somone snoaring* *get up and go to look, then see you*
*Sit on my knees, watching you and giggles*
*then lie down and take a nap*

Posted 8/29/10 , edited 8/29/10
*wake up, go to a shop and buy apples, then lie on the roof and stare at the sky while eating apple*
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Posted 8/29/10 , edited 8/30/10
*wakes up and rubs my eyes still sleepy*
Posted 8/30/10 , edited 8/30/10
*see u wake up* *go to you* Hey, slept well?? * *

Posted 9/8/10 , edited 9/8/10
*thinking: im bored....i wanna do something!!!.....
Posted 9/12/10 , edited 9/13/10
*wakes up*
*looks around*
Hi ? O.o
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