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Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/3/10
Do you guys enjoy 3D movies? I find them rather distracting and annoying than helpful when trying to make a movie better. Some of them appear to be all about the 3D with no story or good acting. Movies are coming out soon, like Piranha 3D, which I believe are going to be really stupid, but still people are going to see them because they are in 3D. So what you guys think?
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Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/3/10
I say they are HORRIBLE! Hands down!
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Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/3/10
3d movies make me dizzy
Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/3/10
Meh. Not my kind of thing. Plus, they need to quit doing remakes, this is ridiculous.
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Posted 8/3/10 , edited 8/4/10
I've only seen Avatar in 3D so far, and I thought it enhanced its visuals-- as usual, the only exceptional aspect of Cameron's work.
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Posted 8/6/10 , edited 8/7/10
The last movie I saw in 3d was Coraline and 3D made no difference when I was watching it so since then I've basically stayed away from seeing movies in 3d to avoid the extra charge they have for the glasses.
Posted 8/7/10 , edited 8/7/10
I've only seen one movie in 3D, I believe it was one of the first movies with this tech - Spy Kids 3. I didn't use those shades coz they made me feel like puking.
I've also read in a college paper they are going to make tv in 3D and almost all the movies in 3D. Tinto Brass said he's gonna make a 3D porn!

My hope for cinema industry is already 50/50 and with this crap I'll probably quit and just stick with my old stuff I watch.
Posted 8/10/10 , edited 8/11/10
It's an overrated gimmick.
Posted 8/10/10 , edited 8/11/10
ja like ti ,actually is avatar
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Posted 8/14/10 , edited 8/14/10
I saw Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans in 3D. I definitely thought it was a waste of my money because the effects imo were horrible.
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Posted 8/15/10 , edited 8/15/10
Let me know when they can produce hologram movies that dont look like the blue see-through models like in star wars and Ill waste the extra money... as it is, I saw Airbender in 3D and couldnt see what the big deal was.
What I did notice was that my eyes watered too much and gave me a headache.
Posted 8/15/10 , edited 8/16/10
Well I work for a film studio and work hand in hand with the 3D department.
3D is the next wave, accept it or not. Sony and Panasonic and other huge
companies won't invest millions into something that would just flop so 3D is here to stay.

With that said, it really depends on WHO is doing the 3D.
Some companies do 3d conversion, some shoot the movie in 3d.
Each has its pros and cons, but 3D is far from being perfect.

REALLY good 3D in my opinion was AVATAR and Alice in Wonderland ( which my company worked on )
Bad 3D is Clash of the Titans and The Last Airbender...
I guess people can't really tell unless your work in 3d but trust me.

GOOD 3D is actually not that common, the main problem is there's so much BAD movies going around in 3D
that it's leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths.

Don't give up on it yet folks. it's only getting better.. trust me.
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Posted 8/17/10 , edited 8/17/10
I find it annoying to watch it in 3d.

I liked Avatar but I didn't think it was as good as people were saying
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Posted 8/22/10 , edited 8/22/10
I think they're pretty cool but its kinda hard for me to watch them @[email protected]" Like with Avatar, i didn't get what was going on when he was fighting the big dog thingy in the beginning. But i think they're cool :]

*Resident Evil Afterlife in 3D !!!*
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Posted 10/2/10 , edited 10/3/10
Uhm..I honestly think that hollywood is doing this on purpose to get more money for the 3D glasses. It doesn't even pop out muc -_-...
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