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Posted 8/3/10 , edited 8/4/10
i dunno if anyone read on the front cover of the first page where ikuto and amu are at it says
''The anime cast returns!''
''Limited edition drama CD''

"Look forward to an original ministory written by peach- pit - the last shugo chara story''

maybe since i want more im reading this as there IS going to be another last chapter to the series
and is anime continuing?!?!?!

what are your thoughts on this???
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Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/4/10
I think it's just another drama CD..
Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/4/10
It is not a chapter, its an audio CD.
It comes out in October, together with volume 12.

And I know what you're all thinking by now.
"The final chance for an Amuto ending!!"

Uhm, no. P-pit's probably gonna do an Omake,
featering side characters........or it could be just a filler.
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Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/4/10
I have no faith in the anime. As much as I'd like to see Encore animated, I don't want Satelight messing it up. Because they will, since they made the anime open. If they took a break, the anime could've been much better.
Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/4/10
It's not going to be what u think it is... it will just be another drama CD -_-
and non-Amuto fans don't go hating me cause I said this next thing
If u want the amuto ending then u basically already got it... P-pit made it pretty clear... well at least to me and some others that in the end it was amuto.
1. Ikuto said he'd definitely see her again when she becomes an adult
2. The couples r on every cover and who were the 2 for the 4th chapter?

Yeah u only need 2 reasons
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