The Island of Rare Animals

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The Island of Rare Animals

The Island of Rare Animals called "Gold Island" is an island that is covered entirely by forest and has many strange animals on it, most of which are mixtures of two or more normal animals, including Cocofox. Gaimon, the only human living on the island, went there about 20 years ago along with the rest of his crew, searching for treasure, and was left behind. 20 years later now hes found it but still lives there,

The animals inhabiting the island include

A Rabbit/Snake hybrid
A Fox/Rooster hybrid (Cocofox)
A Panda/Bat hybrid
A Pig/Lion hybrid
A Zebra/Ostrich hybrid
A Hippo/Gorilla hybrid
A Platypus/Sheep hybrid
A Tiger/Elephant hybrid
A Poodle/Duck hybrid
A Rhinoceros/Kangaroo hybrid
A Giraffe/Dog hybrid
A Cow/Tortoise hybrid
A Giant Crab

The next town to travel to is Syrup Village

Traveltime to Island of Rare Animals

Without a Navigator

With a Navigator
1 day

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