[JDrama] Mioka

Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/4/10
Title: 美丘
Title (romaji): Mioka
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Human drama
Episodes: TBA
Viewership rating: TBA
Broadcast network: NTV
Broadcast period: 2010-Jul-10 Start
Air time: Saturday 21:00
Theme song: Hotaru by Fukuyama Masaharu

One day, Taichi, an ordinary university student meets Mioka, a girl who is like a storm. Taichi finds himself drawn to Mioka, who lives freely as she wishes without holding back, and they eventually fall in love. However, Mioka tells Taichi of her shocking truth. She has an incurable brain disease, with no medicine or treatment that can help her.
The progressing disease.
The loss of control over her own body.
The precious memories slowly fading away.
The fear of losing herself.
The limited time she has left.
Even with such a cruel fate, Mioka lives her life to the fullest extent till the end. Taichi, wholeheartedly loving her, decides to become the witness of her very existence in this world. --NTV

Yoshitaka Yuriko as Minegishi Mioka

Hayashi Kento as Hashimoto Taichi

Mizusawa Elena as Goto Mari

Katsuji Ryo as Kasagi Kunihiko

Yuki Jutta as Kitamura Yoji

Nakamura Shizuka as Sasaki Naomi

Terawaki Yasufumi as Minegishi Hajime

Tanihara Shosuke as Takanashi Hiroyuki

Maya Miki as Minegishi Kaori

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Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/4/10
It looks nice and sad...
Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/5/10
Even though I have only seen two episodes, I think anyone who loves sweet & sad dramas should give this drama a try. You'll quickly fall in love with it. So far Yoshitaka Yuriko & Hayashi Kento are really cute together.

-you can watch it at
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Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/5/10
I'm up to the 4th episode and it's amazing. After every single episode I watch i crave for the next one. it's that good
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Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/5/10
I like it...ive seen the ones that are subbed
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Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/5/10
Sounds horribly depressing... yet sweet and romantic. Cant they do a drama where someone isnt dying of something?
Posted 8/6/10 , edited 8/6/10
loving the drama, main lead girl and guy are adorable.
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Posted 8/6/10 , edited 8/6/10
luv this drama even tho it's still the start of it.... but it's deffinatly gonna end up in a tragedy coz i basicly tells you through the whole thing that she dies!!!! that's really upsetting
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cute screen caps of Yoshitaka Yuriko and Hayashi Kento.

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Posted 8/27/10 , edited 8/28/10
just finished watching episode 7 and it was so sad........cried so much...Yuriko's acting is amazing..
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