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World's greatest secular human in history.
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Posted 9/9/10 , edited 9/10/10

papagolfwhiskey wrote:

openmindedatheist wrote:

Marcus Aurelius: Roman Emperor from 161 A.D. to 180 A.D.

intersting and the reason? Expansion? ideas? alteration of our historical landscape? what?

His time was only about 150 years before Constantine. It's sad that there couldn't have been more emperors like him. He was the last of the "5 Good emperors" . His death was a precursor to the fall of the empire.
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Posted 11/15/12 , edited 11/16/12
Carl Sagan.
A brilliant astrophysicist who advocated scientific inquiry and skepticism, ans renown atheist.
A person who developed our understanding of reality beyond the borders of our earth and introduced to think about our beliefs sounds like a great secularist to me.
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