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Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/5/10
I have made this directory for the one piece fans (new and old) to find exisiting threads that they would be find interesting to comment. Please use your search tool in your computers/laptops to find a particular word that you would want to find in the threads listed. (if the thread is not there please read the bottom page)
UPDATED 08 , 04, 2010

Main topics in One piece

One Piece Anime Discussion

One Piece Manga Discussion(WARNING SPOILERS!)


Miscellaneous thread related to "One piece"


Boa Hancock and Monkey D. Luffy

Who's the hottest guy in One Piece?

Favorite Non Human Character In One Piece (Not IncIue Human DF User)

Whitebeard or Blackbeard?

Is Nami better for Luffy or Robin?

which fight do you wanna see

Who's The Strongest Shichibukai?

Favorite One Piece Characters

It seems Franky is somewhere near Vegapunk's lab; What do you think is gonna happen during their ?

Is One Piece just a treasure?

Another Strawhat member?!

Who's The Strongest Marine?

One piece Wanted posters

Sanji or Zoro? (poll)

Saddest Past?

Robin vs Boa

did someone completed the polygriph

Strongest Supernova

Do you think "the world's most wanted man" Monkey D. Dragon is stronger than Yonkou?

One Piece Movie 10

Who is the weirdest weirdo of them all?

Dragon or Garp?

Favorite City/Island/Location in the OP Universe

Is Luffy's brother hot?

Strongest Female in One Piece

One piece, Devil's Fruit

Who can defeat Magellan?

One Piece fan art!

Weakest --> Strongest Shichibukai / 7 Warlord of the Sea 2

Who is your favorite Supernova? (Besides Luffy and Zoro)

Favorite Yonkou


How would you rank Rob Lucci?

Weakest --> Strongest Strawhats

who is luffy's strongest opponent??

Most Usefull Fruit

your favorite tecnique in one piece

One piece Fanart

Who are the bad guys?

Who eats more Goku or Luffy

Do you like AbsoIute Justice?

One Piece Fan Story!!!

When it comes to One Piece...

One Piece or DBZ?

If you could create your own Pirate crew who would you pick as your crewmate(could be any anime character) and what would

Want to add new nakama on Luffy's Crew?

What is your fave One Piece Arc?

whos ur fav character

Favorite Shichibukai

Wat is ur fav one piece laugh

[One Piece] Devil Fruits: Which one would you eat?

Shanks or Mihawk?

Who will be Luffy's last oppnent

What Devil Fruit Type Is the Most Powerful?

DEATH on Strawhat Nakama

Favorite Devil Fruit User

Strongest Attack in One Piece

Which Strawhat do you think Luffy will find first?

Next Shichibukai Luffy Will Face?


I have only linked threads with discussion and content that is not worth pointless discussion plus where one piece manga and anime arc have already ended and spam. Another thing is that it could not be there or have been created. If I have missed any threads that should not be left out please PM me.(Detail reason would be greater help)
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