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Kamen Rider RP
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Posted 1/13/08 , edited 1/13/08

Dendetsu wrote:

I think that we should be able to design our own Riders (But, not too uber hax. xD), I've seen that done in another KR RP.

Name: (Given Name and Username)
Age: (Numerical No.)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Occupation: (Job)

Imagin-KR Den-O
Worms-KR Kabuto
Native-KR Kabuto
Orphenocs-KR 555
Makamou-KR Hibiki
Undead-KR Blade
Trials-KR Blade
Gorgom-KR Black/RX
Neo-Shocker-KR X
Mirror Monster-KR Ryuki
Grongis-KR Kuuga

Picture or Short Description:
Kamen Rider Name:
Kamen rider placement (Belt, Wristband, etc.):
How to henshin/transform: (optional)
Bio: (How you became a Rider, life, history, etc.)
Forms- (limited to 5 forms only)
First Form Name
Second Form Name
Final Form Name


i think u can do that at
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