Keidanren urges DPJ to expedite Diet affairs

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Posted 8/5/10 , edited 8/5/10

Keidanren urges DPJ to expedite Diet affairs

The chairman of Japan's major business organization Keidanren has warned the governing Democratic Party against a delay in Diet proceedings due to a hung parliament.

Japan Business Federation Chairman Hiromasa Yonekura met DPJ senior officials on Thursday for the first time after the change of government last September.

In the meeting, the DPJ Secretary General Yukio Edano said that the party will do its utmost to break the deadlock in the country's economy.

Yonekura expressed his full support for the party and asked the DPJ officials to make bipartisan efforts to carry out fundamental reforms in tax, finance and welfare.

Yonekura also emphasized the importance of stability in the administration, saying it should not change prime ministers frequently.

Last month's Upper House election, the first since the Democratic Party took power, left the governing coalition without control of the upper chamber.

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