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~Okay im going to put the story up first , then the character profiles people should put up~

The girl opened her eyes and unknowingly entered the world on the day of its end. She openeed her mouth and let out a scream. The doctor took the little girl in his arms and told her to hush, but the darling blue eyed baby would not stop screaming. The baby girl felt a horrible pressence and contuined to let out shrill screams. The doctors eyes grew wide; he had never had a baby who would not stop screaming. The nurse that was staning next to the doctor let out a scream that echoed in the room. The doctor looked at horror at the nurse whose eyes began to turn red and skin turn to a shady green. He stepped back with the screaming baby and backed up into the bed which held a passed out mother. The nurse approached the doctor and opened her mouth to reval rows of sharp pointy teeth. The doctor let of a cry of terror as the nurse bit into his flesh. He dropped the newly born baby girl, who began to cry as a small pool of blood began to form around her. The doctor died hearing only the baby girls screams and his own, praying to the lord to spare him. The lord granted him no such wish.
This was the day the world ened-The day were Zombies, vampires, fairies, and creatures of the night poured into what used to be called Earth. The day the Lord could grant no more prayers. The day where death plauged hell like no other day. The day of the Devils take over. I welcome, you to Nolita Fairytale......a world that no longer is a fairytale but a mere nightmare.

Choose your race, choose whom you wish to fight for, and hope to be granted the luck to live for this nightmare is very much a realistic one.

~did you enjoy the story^^~
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What people should put up for their characters:

Name of chara:
race(vamp, fairy, human, etc..):
who they fight for(god, devil, humans, yourself..etc..):
Strong Point(what you speacialize in, when you fight..):
Pet{s} abilities (optional):
~you may not be impossible to kill, you have to atleast be able to die, kay! and thats all~
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Name of chara:Rii-chan or Rage(real name is Rina)
race(vamp, fairy, human, etc..):vamp. but hides it
who they fight for(god, devil, humans, yourself..etc..):She doesnt know yet
Abilities:amazing with swords and fighting skills, can spot a zombie from miles away, can tell somebodys feelings by there expressions
Weakness:Someone she cares about being hurt, she loses control
Strong Point(what you speacialize in, when you fight..): her hands and with swords
Pet{s}(optional):has a small kitty names mi-mo
Pet{s} abilities (optional):none really^^
Bio:Rina Was born in a small town and didnt have many friends. she was teased alot and was picked on to the point of insanity when the killed her pet kat. She killed her family out of rage
Soon became wanted and fled town. She changed her whole look and was known as Rage for her terrifying killing sprees when somebody she cares about is hurt.Soon she was bitten by a vampire in a fit to save his own life and was turned into one, she keeps her turning into a vampy a secret in fear of being killed. Then she hears the story of zombie town and travels there meeting Aoi(allaroundcool) on the way, when they get there the story continues.....

^After she changed^
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Oh my god thats so cool^^ Okay so, do you wnat me to post the story in the info part of the group? ~and in the forum that says introduction-as the character sign up?
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yesh^^ that be awesome! and thankies!
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F / In Wonderland
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Pfft. Looks like I came too late. xD Ya pro'ly don't need me anymore, but I've got a good imagination, so just lemme know if you need anything written or whatever. ;3

BTW Aoi, I never got a chance to say this but I love the story. ^^ You've got a really good imagination. x3

Like I said, just holler if you need something!

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Whoa talk about a late reply.....
But I think we should work on our outter apprence as a group (Info section) Cuz If you look at other POPULAR groups they are so fancy :O cuz you know a lot of people dont join groups just cuz of how a group looks maybe we should work on that???...
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