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Hana Yori Dango (Japanese) Vs. Boys Before Flowers (Korean)

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Posted 11/19/10 , edited 11/19/10
I have also seen both Hana Yori Dango and Boys over flowers.
I've seen HYD first, therefore my opinion might be biased. But on the other hand I am sure
I would have liked HYD better even if I had watched BOF first.

I think HYD's cast was lovely and quite capable of playing their characters - I often felt that the chemistry between
Tsukushi and Domjouji was rather intense and caused me to watch all the episodes in a row.
BOF was completely different for me - All the little sub-plots annoyed me and the question, how many episodes are still left, always
pestered me. In the end I found myself being interested in Jan Di's friend's relationship with one of the F4 members rather than the protagonist's troubles and adventures.

In the Korean version I was also alyways challenged by Kim Hyun Joong's terrible performance. It wasn't even partly due to the fact
that I am not even slightly attracted to him, no, NO it was his awful acting which made me shake.
Let him be a singer, let him be an idol, but please, don't let him act.
His facial expression ranged from totally blank to similing and back to blank.

Hana Yori Dango rocks.
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Posted 11/19/10 , edited 11/20/10
i like the hana yori dango japanese version...and i like the cast...
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25 / F / A deserted island.
Posted 11/20/10 , edited 11/21/10
The japanese version is more realistic
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25 / F / Gone with the wind
Posted 12/4/10 , edited 12/4/10
I liked the Japanese version better. I feel that the main cast of it has more chemistry than the ones in BOF. Also, no offense but I don't really like the female protagonist in BOF, I like makino better in HYD.
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Posted 12/5/10 , edited 12/5/10
i like japanese better
but myb bcoz i watched it first
n i like makino

i dont think minho suit the curly hair -_-
but matsujun had it perfect =)
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Posted 12/5/10 , edited 12/5/10
I like both...the japanese version is better to me...I never saw the taiwanese version whats the title of it?
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Posted 12/5/10 , edited 12/5/10

Bashment wrote:

I like both...the japanese version is better to me...I never saw the taiwanese version whats the title of it?

meteor shower
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22 / Philippines
Posted 12/6/10 , edited 12/6/10
Hana yori Dango FTW. MatsuJun is the best F4 leader (Also his hair is naturally curly). Inoue is also the best leading lady.

-My opinion-
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Posted 12/21/10 , edited 12/21/10
hana yori dango of course.
all the casts can act waaaayyyy better.
and HYD is waaayyy funnier..
Domyouji is sure and clearly baka.
I cannot help myself from watching it over and over again,
(cannot forget the cuteness of Mao)

BOF plot isn't clear.
minho's curly hair looks weird.
I wonder how Hyun Joong was chosen as Hanazawa Rui (I forgot the korean name. see, it is not remarkable)
His look maybe.
Yes, I admit he is more handsome than Oguri Shun..But seriously he can't act.
The director made his character more pathetic than Hanazawa Rui in HYD.
His unrequited loves, etc...
(maybe this is the script writer's fault)
plus, it has too much "alone scene"~~i mean, the actor/actress is lost in thought, emotional, while song is played along,
Until the last episode, I still wondered, does the female lead love Jun Pyo.
Although it has stated so, I still cannot see in her character.
I think it is because chemistry between them...
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Posted 12/21/10 , edited 12/21/10
Kdrama Boys Before Flower will always be the best. I couldn't even get through all of Hana Yori Dango.
First of all, in HYD Domyouji was NOTHING like the real Domyouji in the manga. In the manga, Domyouji was cute and would get flustered easily and only got angry during CERTAIN events (not like in HYD where he yells all the time, even when he isn't angry - even when he gets flustered, it's not even cute because it's so overdone and fake). Lee Min Ho portrayed it perfectly. Besides his looks, his acting made him cute and lovable.
Also, I don't even know why they tried to curl Domyouji's hair in HYD. It was a total fail anyways. At least in BBF, they PROPERLY curled his hair because Domyouji's curly hair was his trademark.
Secondly, Inoue Mao acted too weak and scared in HYD. In the manga, she was outspoken and yelled at Domyoui everytime he talked to her, whereas in HYD, no matter how tough she acted, she always looked a little scared (probably because she always looked down). Goo Hye Sun was perfect in that aspect (although I would have liked her to have longer hair the beginning). The only good thing about HYD was that Mao looks similar to the Makino in the manga.
Thirdly, the person above me mentioned that KIM HYUN JOONG barely had any emotions in the show. Well, if you actually see his character in the manga, he acts perfectly because Rui ,in the manga, was emotionless. Oguri Shun showed way too much expressions (too much smiling) to be the quiet and isolated Rui he was supposed to be.
Other random things:
1)How the heck did they condense a 37 volume manga into 18 total episodes (S1 &2) in HYD? (BBF might have been long but it gave a lot more detail on what was going on)

2)If you compare the two above pictures, you probably notice that Makino looks more manlier than Domyouji in HYD. The fact that Domyoui is so skinny and muscleless makes me wonder how the heck he was able to beat up people so easily? Also, by making him so skinny, it makes Makino look chubbier (which I'm not saying she is) but next to Domyouji, she looks it.
3)What the heck is up with the Harry Potter background music in HYD? Sorry, but besides the opening song in HYD(Arashi - Wish), BBF had a much better OST.
Overall, the characters in BBF were wayy more natural than HYD. HYD had too much overacting - especially the way Makino and Domyouji moved their eyes when they were "trying" to "act" flustered or embarassed was mediocre and fake. It was an embarassement to the manga, which was JAPANESE. More epic fail. Most people only like HYD more than BBF because they watched it first, so obviously, regardless of what they say, they'll be biased.
I actually watched HYD BEFORE I watched BBF. Gotta say THANK YOU to KBS for making a worthy version of the Hana Yori Dango manga. Absolutely LOVED it.
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Posted 12/22/10 , edited 12/22/10
Haven't Watch Japanese Version...
I was watching Koren version Gave up half way
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Posted 12/23/10 , edited 12/23/10
Hana Yori Dango (1995 film)
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Hana Yori Dango

Hana Yori Dango DVD cover (Yuki Uchida)
Directed by Yasuyuki Kusuda
Starring Yuki Uchida
Release date(s) August 19, 1995
Language Japanese

Hana Yori Dango (花より男子?) is a Japanese movie released on August 19, 1995, directed by Yasuyuki Kusuda. It's the first live-action movie adapted from the famous manga Hana Yori Dango, starring Yuki Uchida in the main role as Makino Tsukushi.

* 1 Cast
* 2 Songs
* 3 External links
* 4 External links

[edit] Cast

* Yuki Uchida ... Makino Tsukushi
* Shosuke Tanihara ... Doumyouji Tsukasa
* Naohito Fujiki ... Hanazawa Rui
* Koichi Hashizume ... Mimasaka Akira
* Kensaku Saeki ... Nishikado Soujirou
* Marie Eguro ... Toudou Shizuka
* Norika Fujiwara ... Yamano Minako
* Kaori Sakagami ... Sanjou Sakurako

[edit] Songs

* Opening theme: "Baby's Growing Up" by Yuki Uchida.
* Ending theme: "Overnight Sensation" (Jidai Wa Anata Ni Yudaneteru) by TRF.

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26 / F / Yemen ^^v
Posted 12/27/10 , edited 12/28/10
Doesn't it kinda depend on what u watched first?
For those who watched HYD first, i guess they'd love it more than BOF since they're basically the same
While watching BOF I'm like "Oh right, now 'that' will happen" So you can see why i got bored..(still didn't finish it )
So for me, it'll sure be HYD
HYD was short and much more funny! I LOVED the Domyouji quotes <3
Seriously, Matsujun was a better Domyouji than MinHo- period

Domyouji: Oi Makino! Is this what u say to your 'Sweat honey'? (ROFL)
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Posted 12/27/10 , edited 12/28/10
HYD all the way !!!!!
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26 / F / Davao City
Posted 12/27/10 , edited 12/28/10
I have seen M.G. B.O.F. H.Y.D.
all of them are nice....
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