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Posted 6/1/07 , edited 6/1/07

This tread is all about "Suggesting and Recommending an Anime" its similar to Shinji's tread but the processes are different and more specific .

Since we got already almost the same tread i want to everyone to follow some rules.Cause some people are always asking what they should watch Im making a thread for it so we stop getting new ones and so everyone can search here for some anime information.

Here are some rules to follow.

1: Don't post anything if ur not suggesting or recommending an anime

2: If you want to thank them send a message or buddy them

3: Provide a link to the anime on CR so they can check it out Click Here for review site

4: Be "SPECIFIC" When your asking for recommendations please say what genre you want to watch or say what animes you've seen (make a list) and so liked before people can recommend accordingly.

5: If your looking for something similar to an anime you've seen state the anime.

6: Timelimit on answering people who ask for recommendations 1 week unless no ones answered in that case please quote before you post another recommendation.

[If u want to be recommended]
Ex: "Hi guys, Im caught up to almost anime that is up to date. So right now Im currently trying to get a couple of anime that I didnt watch back in 2006-2004. I just recently finish Beck and Aishiteruze Baby pls reccommend me something that is entertaining and can keep me busy,

Seen: Sousei No Aquarion, Rahxephon, Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny (all gundam seires Wings X G etc...) Last Exile,Macross
Currently watching - Eureka Seven,Reideen,Fafner in the azure,Giniro no Olynssis

- Im looking for a mecha anime that is similar to Gundam seed/ destiny and Eureka Seven.

Romance/Love/ Life/Comedy
Seen: Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, Paradise Kiss, Ichigo 100%, Suzuka,Futakoi Alternative, Honey & Clover, Beck.....Aishiteruze Baby ,Bokura ga Ita,Ouran High School,
Currently watching -Lovely complex,Nana Tokimeki ~only love~

-Im looking for somthing like Beck,Bokura ga ita and Paradise kiss. Though Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien is really good but too much drama for me. Beside I think Beck and Paradise kiss are more realistic when comparing to a real life situation. So something that is similar to reality romance or story would be great.


Seen: Naruto, Bleach, Gungrave, Scrapped Princess, Hajime no ippo,Tenjou Tenge, Baslisk, Blood trinity,Samurai Champloo, Speed grapher, Law of Ueki, GunXsword, Monster, Black Cat,GetBackers, Erementar Gerad, Solty Rei, Mai Hime, Mai Otome, Full Metal Panic 1 &2, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tsubasa chronicle, Chrono Crusade,Shingetsutan Tsukihime,Rurouni Kenshin ... etc too much to list

- This is probably the toughest one to reccomend since I seen almost all the one that is up to date. I know im missing a really good series though, so If you think I didnt watch it then recommend it to me.

Seen: Prince of tennis series and Movie. Eyeshield 21,Slam Dunk

If there is any other good sport series out there that can entertain me as much as these tthree. If there is one I definitely would like to watch it.

If there is any problem just please PM me ^^
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Posted 6/1/07 , edited 6/1/07
Im looking for an anime genre slice of life

u have some cool list although ^^

Currently just watch

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Posted 6/1/07 , edited 6/1/07
Im looking for anime simalar to these-One Piece,Bleach,Bomberman Jetters,Yakitate Japan!!!Please message me
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Posted 6/1/07 , edited 6/1/07
Recommended/Favorite Anime

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