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Posted 8/13/10 , edited 8/13/10

SillyNeko10 wrote:

Did you add one photo, and invite friends?:Yes yes!

And here is your characters:

Name:Yumi,Zero,Jacob,and Amu.
Age:Yumi 13,Zero 15, Jacob 18 Amu 17
Sex:Yumi and Amu Girls and Jacob and Zero boys
Race:Yumi is a neko Amu is a witch Zero is a fox and Jacob is a hunter/human.
Dreams:Yumi wants a famiy Zero wants love Jacob wants to capture Yumi Amu wants peace.
Likes:Yumi likes sweets candy and stuff Zero likes books school Amu likes magic and Jacob loves violence
Dislikes:Yumi hates when people treat her like a little kid. Zero hates when people mess with Yumi Amu hates Yumi Jacob hates Zero
Small Bio:Yumi is a rare neko worth alot a money. Its Jacob's job to capture her. Zero is Yumi's closet friend and body guard. Amu is Jacob's servent. Amu hates Yumi because she loves Zero but Zero loves Yumi.

Yumi Normal

Yumi Neko

Zero Normal

Zero Fox


Amu witch form


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Posted 8/22/10 , edited 8/22/10
Name:princess rin
Age: 10
Sex: female
Race: pokemon human (she is a pichu)
Dreams:to be loved and to be on adventures
Likes: any thing
Dislikes: unknown
Small Bio: she is princess of pichus
Picture: Gijinka form pokemon form

Name: princess miki
Age: 16
Sex female
Race:pokemon human (she is a quilava)
Dreams: unknown
Likes unknown
Small Bio:she is princess of quilavas and takes care of rin
Picture:Gijinka form pokemon form
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Posted 11/6/10 , edited 11/7/10
Name: Kita Nodoka
Username: Krazyanime55
Did you add one photo, and invite friends?:yes

And here is your characters:

Name: Hikari (light)
Race: Moon Princess
Dreams: To see the sunlight and to live in peace with humans.
Likes: stars, moon, light, water, and people
Dislikes:being alone, can't be exposed to the sun
Small Bio: Hikari is not human, but she wants to live in harmony with humans even though her ancestors did not like the humans. She wishes to be exposed to sunlight even though she may die if she is exposed to it. She loves seeing the pictures of the sun. She has lived for hundreds of years only in the water, beneath the moon, but then a sea witch doctor gave her a potion so that she can only be human when it is not a full moon.
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