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Posted 8/7/10 , edited 9/10/10


1-You all have to use the same pics (Which you can find in the spoilers)

2- You must make one Avii and one banner.

3- All graphic mods must participate ^^

4- Due date: August 25th 2010

Avatar Size: 200x500
Banner Size: 425x350

Avatars: The text must include somewhere your copyright and the Group Name.
Banners: The text must include "Support SPEED Theory" somewhere on the banner.

More Info

1- the loser of the contest will have to make a special request prize for the group's 600th member.
Second to last place makes prizes for the WINNER of the member's contest.
Third to last place makes prizes for the RUNNER UP of the member's contest.
The winner of this contest will get a special prize.

The submissions will be graded by some randomly chosen group members.

EDIT: If mods would like to choose there own pics, upload them in the spoilers and then other mods can use the same pic.

EDIT 2: We are extending the due date till September 2. that's right, we get one whole week to finish ^^

May the best mod win ^^

For Avatars: you can choose whatever picture you want to use from the ones below.

For Banners: Same as for Avatars
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Posted 8/10/10 , edited 8/10/10
I decided I'm not actually going to participate, however I did make a banner. It's 2 banners together <3


Posted 8/10/10 , edited 8/31/10
Lol i dont think i wanna use the same pictures cheryl or the other mods use cuz mine will look sho ugly
Support Banner:

Posted 8/17/10 , edited 8/19/10
Cheryl looks better then mine D; Ewwww
DX Mine so plain BLARHFF
Hope you guys dont mind I change the text on the banner D; but it sounds cute

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Posted 8/18/10 , edited 9/2/10
I have a question how do we determine the winner/ loser?

Suggestion: Maybe we should pick like 3-5 random members and let them rate from 0-10 points for each avatar/ banner. Then we can add up the ratings for each entry and determine the winner and loser. 8D

gosh I love the avatar, can I use it as a freebie after the contest??

Ohhh we get to have conversations like this?? thats so cool :D
lol naahh mine is ok.. I really like llw's banner~
and I'm impressed that starry actually used that image coz I just couldnt use it. my skills didnt like editing that pic so I gave up on it XD

Angie here--XDfail XD who agrees that maybe we should consider ending this, cuz weve alwready surpassed 600

Dee: Cheryl you made a typo on the banner XD

Kyou: eum... Angie... the contest doesn't end at 600 members... and well picking out random members was also in my suggestion thing when I made this contest XD.

Angie--Oh blah whateverr >3> I WANNA JUDGE SO BADLYYY. You should get the forum mods to judge too, since were not in this. and omg there really is a typo

Dee: haha. Should we judge the graphics seperately, or by person?

Angie--By person

Cheryl-- woah woah woah.. man I always have problems when I type thoery.. AHHH THEORY. =_=
I'll change it when I have time >o< I think we should judge by like avatars and banners.

ITS LINDA LOL: Hrmmm thanks you cheryl haha And id be happier with judging them like cheryl says, aviis and banners seperately. Also cant we just like make a poll?

Cheryl-- ohh snapp the due date is tom..
Posted 8/25/10 , edited 8/26/10
How abt we do a point system or something?!:O



Cheryl-- I suggested the point system already.. O.o

Angie--Were turnnig ur post into our chat wall now XD
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Posted 9/9/10 , edited 9/10/10

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