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Posted 3/9/12 , edited 3/10/12
Name: Sho Tsugami
age: 17
personaility: quiet most of the time, bvery apathetic and cynic..but warms up too people he likes. your typical Kuudere...
Transfered into this high school because of his fathers's work keeps them from stying anywhere permanantly. he doesnt mind at all because he has no intention of keeping memories they fade. all though he could do with a nice close friend...someone he could talk to about anything.
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Posted 6/11/13 , edited 6/11/13
Name: Mimi Takawa
age: 17
Class: B
personaility: Maria,(aka as Mimi by most of her friends) can act rather shy around strangers but once you get past the first impression, you will see a bold, honest, loud, silly girl. If you get the chance to befriend her you will gain a loyal friend who would do anything to protect her loved ones. She could be a bit hot-headed sometimes when you get on her bad side but at the end she will forgive you and consider you her friend.

Due to a rather tragic event in her past, she found herself submerged in the world of music.. She loves to sing and play various instruments. Being half hispanic and due to her mother's culture, she loves to listen spanish songs more than traditional japanese music. She is also into art and she is a sucker for cute, small furry animals and romance novels, but dislikes chick flicks and stupid romance movies. Many would think she only likes girly stuff but she loves playing sports as well and horror/action movies are her favorite genre. She dislikes bullies and abusive people, and it's often found getting in trouble with bigger kids than her while trying to protect some vulnerable animal or kid.

bio:Maria was a rather normal child except for the fact that she never got hurt or sick. Her father would often bring Maria to the doctor to check up on her but she never seem to have anything wrong. She was happy growing up in a rich family, she had a mother and father that loved her. Maria never got an injury, no matter how hard she fell or something hit her. Being the daughter of a very powerful Japanese man and a normal Puertorican woman started a lot of rumors. People always said that her mother only was with her father just for the money but Maria knew that her mother loved her father very much, but who would listen to the words of a little girl. Her mother new of her ability, since she got it from her side of the family. The Shield was an ability that granted Maria the power to protect herself and those around her, from any mind and physical ability. The ability had skipped her mother's generation and so Maria got it instead, still her mother decided to not tell her little girl she was different from everyone else. She did it to protect her, her precious little girl. She wanted Maria to live a normal life like any other kid; but her husband's brother found out about Maria's gift and he did the thing she feared the most, he tried to kill Maria

She was ten years old when 'it' happened. Her family was having a reunion, when her Uncle -who was locked away for many years after the first time she tried to kill Maria- crashed the celebration. He was drunk, and pulled out his gun, and began firing, he also didn't aprove of his brother marrying a foreigner. He ended up killing everyone at the reunion, around 8 others, and she was hiding in the closet in the stairs when it happened.

She was playing hide and go seek with her mother, and she saw everything happen through a crack in the stairs. Though she had the ability to shield everyone at the party, not knowing about her ability was the downfall of everyone. She couldn't helped them. Ever since that event, she became a little bit isolated and shy but soon recovered. She also became protective of who ever become her friend. She moved from the house where everything happened to a new house after she turned 17 and tried everyday to forget everything of the past and start a new life, but she still have nightmares almost everyday. She is convinced someone out there is trying to find her and finished what her Uncle started. Sometimes she forgets that her parents are dead and talks about as if they're still living.

Although, she went through this tragic event , she still knows how to have a good time. But first you have to earn her trust, you may think it would be hard after what she went through but is far from that. If she sees you are honest, nice and have no intentions of harming her or anyone close to her and if you can also make her laugh you already won her over. Despite her being from a rich family after what happened, she decided to leave her past life and become part of the normal working class. She left all her riches to her cousins and other uncles of the family, but they still send her money to help her survive on her own.

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