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--------------- by Koko (:

x x x

Her crime had been stealing a loaf of bread. It's something you would think wouldn't be frowned upon, right?


Ever since that day, she was thrown in the castle dungeon.

Awaiting her execution date.

She lived a poor life, with a weak body since birth, her mother didn't want her, she simply wished 'she never existed.'

She had forgotten how the sun looked from the outside, it seemed like decades she'd been in this abyss, and she knew this life of hers, was meant to burn out quickly.

God wasn't on her side, he wasn't on her brothers side either...

The events of her life under the sun replayed in her mind, they were short-lived, that's for sure, and they weren't happy. She always struggled to survive all her life, taking care of her younger brother, but the best she could ever do was beg in the streets, and all she got were bread crumbs.

She couldn't recall her name, so she was a nobody, really. Nobody could only feel the cold, hard ground underneath her body. She slowly stirred awake, moaning a bit at her assaulted gut, and then, her attention drew to what she had been wearing.

She was completely stripped of her previous peasant garment, and into something more dirty and ripped, the dress stopped at mid-thigh, and revealed all the deep bruises, she was skinny to the bone, and her whole body possessed ugly, unsightly bruises, nasty marks from whips, and other torture equipment.

The world in the dungeon was a cold one.

She hugged herself, shivering from the reality. Sometimes, even rats would creep over to her, all she could do was shrivel in a corner until they passed away, but she saw how their hungry eyes always glowed toward her... she was terrified of being eaten by them. Because she could never move, just shake.

The people outside the dungeon were the cruelest ever to her. They constantly belittled her, told her God wished she was dead, and that she should disappear from existence, they thought of her like as nothing more than mere foot stools, to use as they'd seen fit.

God was so cruel, he made her witness her younger brother being tortured to death in the cell across from her, he was more frail, and his bones weaker, he just couldn't take it anymore... she felt guilty and blamed herself for it all, why did she have to bring him along to the market that night? Why did she have to steal that cursed loaf of bread?

She coughed, into her hand, the same old droplets of blood seen. She became sick in this dungeon overtime. She didn't have long to live. She wondered to herself what would be the death of her first, her sickness? The rats? Or the execution?

But then, her ears faintly allowed her to hear a voice, it must have been that time already.

“Raise you’re head to me, dirty peasant.”

It took her slow mind a while to process the request, and weakly raised her head, looking at the man with eyes void of any emotion. She hadn't recognized him as the previous ones who'd tortured her... he must have been new.

“Are you prepared to receive you’re punishment?”

- and as many times she'd heard it, she always had the ghost of a smile on her face.

x x x

After the torture, he had allowed a short time for her to regain her breath, and then was mercilessly slapped across the face, the impact against her scarred cheek was hard enough to throw her back to the ground.

She layed sprawled there, unable to do anything.

She was ordered to sit back up a moment later, or more punishment would be brought. She barely had the strength to lift a finger, then move her upper body! She coughed out more blood into the floor, shakily relying on nothing but her will to use her fists, and try to get in a sitting position.

It seemed like patience wasn't on the mans side, and he'd grabbed a hairful of her hair and dragged it to meet his own face,

“If you didn’t always wear that smirk of yours, maybe they would go easier on you. Since Day one, I’ve watched you get beaten. And you’ve done nothing but smile!” He was clearly enraged at this, and she'd felt like the dirt underneath his shoes.

“When I’m not allowed to do anything else... why not smile?”

In a swift second, she could see the surprise flash in his eyes, and then it was hidden with more rage.“Did you know I’m one of the most generous there is here? If anyone else were in this place, they would not hesitate to cut that mouth of yours off from smirking any longer.”

She cringed at the picture in her mind, but something caught her off guard. Her lip. It was never attacked. Just every other part of her.

She wondered why longingly to herself, before being thrown to the wall, and alone once more.

x x x

In a way, the beatings had gotten easier to deal with. She realized it was because she was slowly dying inside. Her heart might have been not there, in the condition it was in now.

Making herself comfortable (whatever that was) in her corner, she lightly tapped her lip, letting her thoughts wonder about in her head. Why? Why was her lip never attacked? Or bruised at all? And every other part of her body was? She didn't understand. She came to the conclusion; that the answer was all she wanted before she went to see her brother.

“Wake up.”

At the sound, her eyes snapped wide open and her head upright, she had fallen asleep for a mere moment... her eyes just felt so heavy. They just wanted to close forever.

She heard the familiar voice, smiled, and heard the jail cell unlock, footsteps next...

“Still smiling?”

She blinked a few times to adjust her vision in the dark room, and looked up at the dark figure of the man. Even in all perpetual darkness, that smile was like a beacon in the night. “Why? Why do you keep smiling? What’s there left to smile for? Especially in your case...”

She couldn't recognize any change in his tone, he still sounded so strict and angry. She thought too much of his question, why DID she smile so much?

“No answer?”

He'd gotten down to the ground beside her, trapping her against the wall with a hand curled around her neck. But he did not choke.

She grew even more confused... this mans eyes, they weren't scary at all... they seemed so sad though, glistening in the darkness.

She smiled for him, “I’m smiling... until the very end. Until you see my last smile... is that a good enough reason?”

Surprisingly, after staring her down for some time, he drew back and walked away, leaving her in wonderment again.

There was no beatings that day.

x x x

Seconds turned into hours.

Hours turned into days. And she knew the time was coming. Very soon now...

She heard murmurs of it around the cells. But she wasn't scared. She craved that mans company more than anything else, and she'd make sure to fulfill that promise.

Her life ticked away, when he showed himself again, she was actually happy to see his face last.

But there was something a bit off, he closed in on her personal space, grabbed the back of her head and pulled it close to his chest, ignoring her objections.

“W-what are you doing...!”

“Silence.” He commanded in a cold voice, and her struggling only lasted for a complete three seconds until she'd understood.

This, hearing another humans heart... was the worst punishment.

x x x

The time had came, and he'd watched her be taken away in the shadows.

She didn't lie, she had kept her promise. But had she figured it out herself that, he'd never really despised her smile...

He was sure her last thoughts were the answer she had been seeking.

The next day, when he'd visited the dungeon again to conflict pain to the other prisoners, it had finally struck him.

It really was so cold in the dungeon.

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T-T awww.........this is a good story, but sad ending TT-TT
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tanks yoo zoochan C:
& yup <:
koo sucks taht way : D
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LAWL. ur welcome...?? XDD
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:OO ...... *In Shock* ........ *Slaughters more teddy bears* T___T you just made my about-go-to-bed time depressing...... owo I love it though....
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I've reread this like 8 times xD </3
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haha, JKKK, i feel special owo ♥
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