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Posted 8/10/10 , edited 8/10/10
I just had a fight on youtube with some jerk who said bieber likes dicks...I know it's impossible to be liked by everyone...but i hate those kind of jerks who "hates bieber" but they're spending time to listen or watch his videos and after comment far as i know if u don't like smth u don't yeah..
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Posted 6/25/11 , edited 6/26/11
I know, it's really immature. If they don't like someone, they should say " Ah, she/he is not my type" or not say anything at all and go on with life. I've learned to ignore and just laugh off the hate comments like "the Biebs". It's not getting them anywhere in their life anyways.
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Posted 7/29/12 , edited 7/29/12
" Justin Bieber Haterz are so dead!!"
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