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Posted 8/10/10 , edited 8/10/10
ok!! time to start a new game- The fairy tale vending machine game!! so basically what u do is u post a fairy tale picture for the person ABOVE ur post and tell them what item from the picture they got (ex. if it was a picture of a neko fishing u could say the fishing pole)
then u write down the items that u hav gotten from previous posts BELOW urs (after ur post the one below tells the item u recieved, u add that item to ur list of other items u got that way)
then u write *insert coin* so that the post below will hav a prize from the vending machine
get it???

Okay definatly some rules! :

1.No more than inserting 2 coins!
2. Dont insert coins with names..its confusing

for the person above this post u get...
(picture here)
a (an item from the picture, it can include the neko itself, just put a description like a fishing neko)
my items: .....(item from the post after ur other posts)
*inserts coin*
clear? ok
ill start
*inserts coin*
Posted 8/13/10 , edited 8/13/10
you get this outfit (the person is rin)

*inserts coin*
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