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Posted 8/10/10 , edited 8/11/10
Hey everyone andy1 here .I'll be covering the 2010 WWE SummerSlam for you as trigunkwan has asked me to do so while he's away this weekend.

For the new members who may not know what this means what happens is I'll be updating you live on the day of the PPV bringing you the results as they happen via a few websites. At the conclusion of each match i'll give a summary of what the result means in future.

So feel free to tune in and hopefully enjoy the PPV.

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Posted 8/11/10 , edited 8/12/10
Woot thanks again andy1 for covering for us here while I'm away! Enjoy the PPV everyone and come here for the report on Sunday!
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Posted 8/15/10 , edited 8/16/10
Hello and welcome to tonights coverage of SummerSlam 2010.I'm your coverage person tonight andy 1 filling in for trigunkwan who's absent.So sit back and feel free to enjoy tonights PPV which on first look appears to be an intriguing prospect.I'll but up the results as they happen and give a short summary to.

Just waiting on our first match now!.htm

1st match is up and its our IC title encounter
WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi goes nuts on Dolph at the bell. He clotheslines Dolph over the top and the mat as Dolph gets yanked by Vickie.. Kofi went between the ropes and splatted. Back inside and Dolph is on the attack with a leaping hangman's neckbreaker for 2. Chinlock/bodyscissors combo applied by Dolph now, Kofi gets to his fight and tries to fire in some shots but Dolph chokes him on the bottom rope. Kicks by Kofi from the mat, he gains some measure of control with kicks but gets tripped into the middle turnbuckle, which gets 2. Flipping neck snap by Dolph, shades of Mr. Perfect. Modified camel clutch now by Dolph, he drops an elbow to the back of Kofi and reapplies the hold. Dolph drops a knee and gets 2, then goes back to the chinlock. Kofi is on his feet again but gets kicked in the gut. Whip by Dolph, he misses the Ziggler Splash and eats some shots from Kofi. Lou Thesz press by Kofi! Fists of fire! Fists of fire! Boom! Boom! BOOM! He sets for Trouble in Paradise, Dolph avoids it so Kofi lands on the second rope and hits a crossbody...Dolph rolls through!! Kofi with a rollup!! FAMEASSER from Dolph!!!! Kofi avoids a charghing Dolph in the corner and kicks him in the face, then hits a flying clothesline. Trouble in ParaDUCK! Sleeper by Dolph! NEXUS! They blitz the ring and beat down this the first attack on a SmackDown guy? Darren Young connects with his spinning full nelson face plant, then Barrett hits his finisher.

Winner-No Contest

(Well I can guess no one saw NEXUS making an impact so early in the PPV.A title change was unlikely seeeing Ziggler only just won the belt.Looks like however the NEXUS angle is moving to include Smackdown I'd asume)

Barrett talks a lot about nobody being dumb enough to join Team Raw.

Jericho is trying to talk The Miz into joining Team Raw. Miz is more interested in fondling his big shiny red package. Edge is there too, chomping down on a long thin piece of meat and trying to help. Jericho says that Miz joining the team would be bigger than Avatar. Miz teases them, snatches Edge's Slim Jim and leaves.

2nd Match up now for the Diva's championship

WWE Divas Title Match: Melina vs. Alicia Fox

They lock up . Headlock takedown by Alicia, Melina backs her into the ropes and fires in some forearms. CURB STOMP by Melina!!! She hits a running shoulder in the corner, then props Alicia horizontally on the second rope and jumps into her gut. Alicia makes like she's hurt, the ref tells Melina to back off and Alicia charges...into a flapjack. Forearms by Melina, a whip is reversed and Melina appears to jar her knee on the up-and-over. Alicia charges with a clothesline, half-Matrix to dodge that and SUPERKICK with the fuzzy boots of DOOM! Alicia rolls to the apron, Melina follows but gets pulled shoulder-first into the post. Elbow to the back of the head and a knee to the arm. Why isn't she going after the knee? Armbar by Alicia, Melina fights her way out and avoids a charging Alicia. Schoolgirl out of nowhere by Melina! Dropkick by Melina. SCREAM! Charging knee to the back, MIND TRIP! 1...2...3!

Winner:Melina via pinfall (Mind Trip)

(No real surprise as Melina is the most known face on the Raw side of the diva's divsion.Now to see who they have feud with possibly Maryse or a heel turned Gail Kim)

Melina is crying, possibly because she knows she hurt her knee. Josh Matthews is in the ring to interview her and there's no way this ends well...LayCool! They run down Melina, saying she doesn't look goodand that they have no competition on SmackDown so they want to share her special moment. LayCool wants a pic with the new champ, who doesn't want one so much. She attacks them, but that only lasts for so long as you can imagine what with the numbers game and all. Alicia tries to help LayCool with the beat down, but she gets creamed too. They throw Melina to the floor, McCool hits a running knee to Melina's head and the announce table and they leave.

3rd Match 3 on 1 Handicap match
Handicap Match: Big Show vs. C.M. Punk, Luke Gallows, Joey Mercury

Show wants the trainer to remove the tape from Big Show's hand. Bell rings and Mercury charges into a massive chop. Gallows also eats a giant chop. Mercury and Gallows work together with a beatdown but Show blocks the attempted double whip by being massive and throws Gallows to the floor with one hand. He picks up Mercury by the head and chokebombs him. Mercury tries to trip Show from the floor, which works as well as you'd think. Show palms his head, lifts him up from the floor and throws him into Gallows. Now it's Punk's turn, and the crowd is chanting for him. He comes in and eats a right hand, an elbow and a slap to the chest. He goes to the floor but Show follows. Punk tries to damage his hand on the steps again but Show trips Punk who goes back-first into the steps. Show calls for quiet and goes for the slap...Punk moves! Show hits the steps and now the SES attack. Beatdown on the floor from all 3 members. Back inside and they go to work on Show's right hand. Knee drop by Mercury, splash by Gallows. They're just taking it in turns jumping on Show. Gallows whips Mercury into Show, then Mercury whips Gallows into Show. Punk charges but Show gets the elbow up! Clotheslines for all! Mercury to the corner! Gallows into Mercury! Show into both of them! Shoulder block takes both men down! GOOZLE to Punk, who kicks free. Show misses a charge and eats a pair of Punk high knees...make that a trifecta. Punk and Mercury off the top...bulldog, sloppily done Cover by both men,! Mercury gets thrown to the floor from the kick out. Punk goes to work with elbows and tries to lock in a submission on the hand, but Show just stands up with Punk on his shoulders. Mercury off the top...GOOZLE! Gallows in with a big boot, causing Show to drop Mercury over the top to the floor. Punk and Serena high-tail it up the ramp. Double clothesline by Show! RIGHT HAND OF DOOM for Gallows! Goozle...CHOKESLAM to Mercury on top of Gallows! 1...2...3!

Winner: Big Show via pinfall (on Gallows, chokeslam to Mercury on to Gallows)

(It seems that the SES is about to be split up with Punk doing a runner leaving Gallows and Mercury to pay the price.We may get a one on one encounter between Show and Punk to conclude this feud leading into Punk having to deal with an unhappy Gallows and/or Mercury)

Kane is playing with his casket again with his freaky red light. Sheamus shows up but his hair no-sells the light. Sheamus wants to borrow the casket for his match with Orton, because it's too big for Rey. Kane very rudely says "No!" Sheamus said they could have been unstoppable together, but now he's stealing Kane's "Big Red Monster" moniker. They trade threats.


The Miz is out and he has the mic. Will he or won't he? He pretends to think about it, pretends to care what the fans think (they mostly say "No" anyway) and then says he could care less about what they think. No, you could NOT care less you ignoramus. He says he's the missing link. ? He claims Cena begged him to join, and says they can't do it without him and he's the only superstar who can see Cena. He goes on and on about how everyone wants him to join. Edge apparently gave him a year's supply of Slim Jims. He is the future, . "It's true!" Miz says he will join Team WWE. . He's the Miz and he's...NO NO NO NO NO we don't get to say his catchphrase, we have to raise our hands if we want to say something. He's the Miz and he's..

4th match up our 1st world title match of the evening
WWE Championship Match: Sheamus (C) vs Randy Orton

Super special ring announcing for Rrrrrrrrrrrrrandy Orton vs Sheamus. Rrrrrrrrrandy Orton...he's grrrrrrrrrrreat!

Lock-up and nothing happens. Sheamus flings his arms out wide and begs for a hug, Orton no-sells it. Another lock-up, nothing happens. . Orton would rather kick him in the gut and stomp him. Whip by Sheamus, Orton bounces out of the corner and levels the champ. More stomping by Orton and a 2 count. Orton blocks a hip toss, nails a clothesline and then clotheslines Orton out to the floor. Orton takes Sheamus to the announce table and then over the barricade into the crowd. Orton beats him down as the ref counts away, Orton rolls Sheamus in at 9. Guess what? More stomps. . Garvin Stomp gets 2. Orton stalks Sheamus then slingshots him into the bottom of the bottom rope. Sheamus rolls to the floor, Orton follows but gets kicked in the gut. Whip to the barricade by Sheamus is reversed. Orton breaks the referee's count then goes out to whip Sheamus into the steps...reversed! Orton rolls back in . 2 count for Sheamus. The guys just aren't clicking. Short-arm clothesline for Sheamus, he asks for another hug while standing over Orton. A pair of knee drops and a chinlock by Sheamus, he tries a suplex but Orton blocks it and gets one of his own. Sheamus goes to the apron which gives Orton and idea. STIFF kick to the chest, and here comes the rope-assisted DDT...Sheamus wriggles into the ring to counter, then backdrops Orton to the floor! Sheamus follows and takes Orton to the barricade. Back inside Sheamus gets 2. Sheamus measures Orton...IRISH HAMMER!! Sheamus locks in a crossface chickenwing, then turns it into an armbar. Orton fights free but Sheamus uses a drop toehold to send Orton's head to the turnbuckle. Inverted facelock backbreaker by Sheamus gets 2. Orton tries to fight back with kicks but gets leveled with the Irish Hammer. Back to the chickenwing now, albeit a modified version. Sheamus turns it into a chinlock, Orton breaks the hold with a back suplex. Sheamus charges but Orton moves and connects with the modified backbreaker for 2. An exchange of rights now between the competitors, won by Orton's European uppercut. Clothesline! Another! Snap powerslam! Whip reversed by Sheamus who then charges...into the corner post. Superplex coming up...connects!! . Another whip is reversed, Orton kicks him but EATS the uranage backbreaker!!! Sheamus pounds his chest...BROGUE KICK misses! Sheamus gets caught in the rope and goes to the floor hard. Orton waits for Sheamus to reach the apron...rope-assisted DDT! Orton goes nuts...RKO COUNTERED! 1...2...NO! Here comes the Irish Bomb...Orton slips out the back! RK-No! BROGUE KICK connects flush! 1...2...2.8! Sheamus gets a chair, the ref fights him for it and Sheamus throws the ref to the floor.

Sheamus is ready to beat Orton with the chair...he charges and misses! KICK TO THE NUTS! Orton has the chair now, but picks it up very...slowly. He changes his mind and throws Sheamus to the floor, then starts demolishing the announce table. He deposits Sheamus on said table...smiles...RKO ON THE TABLE! And it does not break!

Winner: Randy Orton via disqualification

The crowd is chanting for the Miz as officials help Sheamus.

(A disapointing conclusion but it keeps this feud going a t least to the next PPV.Orton looked strong but Sheamus looked slightly weaker as champ now)

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Kane vs. Rey Mysterio

I do believe Rey is wearing peach tonight. Not Peach, that would be gross. Kane pushes the casket to ringside...he should wrestle with the red lights on again. Is that not PG? Super-special ring announcing.

Kane beats on Rey early and slams him. Kane misses an elbow drop, Rey gets a basement dropkick for 1. Kane is up first and hits some right hands, Rey ducks between his legs and kicks the shins out...619 position! Kane moves and throws Rey to the floor. Kane goes out, Rey goes in then kicks Kane in the face as he tries to follow. Seated senton to the floor by Rey! Back inside, Rey goes to the top...GOOZLE! Rey drops off the top, jacking Kane's arm over the top. Rey goes back up...Kane sweeps both legs and Rey takes a nasty fall. Kane whips Rey back-first under the bottom rope into the corner post, then hits a basement dropkick to the midsection. To the floor they go and Kane scoops Rey up and slams his back repeatedly into the corner post. Back inside again, Kane lifts Rey for a suplex and drops him gut-first over the top. 2 count for Kane. STIFF whip to the corner gets 2 more. Bear hug by Kane. Rey fights out of it, comes off the ropes and gets bear hugged again. Rey manages to slide over the back for a sunset flip attempt, Kane lifts him but gets two boots in the face. Rey gets boots up to a charging Kane, headscissors! 619 position...CLOTHESLINE by Kane! Kane slides Rey under the ropes to the floor. Kane waits for the countout but Rey gets back to the apron and still has fight in him, so Kane kicks his face. To the floor they go AGAIN, Rey gets a drop toehold sending Kane's face into the top of the rail. Rey off the top...PATRIOT MISSILE!! Rey tries another lucha move but eats a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Another backbreaker and Kane stretches Rey over the knee. Rey fights out but gets NAILED with a big side slam for 2. Kane jumped for that one. Kane is going to the top...REY cuts him off with a Little Mac star punch! Rana from the top...Kane holds on! From the top...clothesline misses! Rey charges...side slam by Kane...tilt-a-whirl inverted DDT by Rey to counter! Rey rolls close to the casket and gets scared. Slingshot senton by Rey, he tries a crossbody but gets caught, so he turns it into a DDT for 2. Rey Drops the Dime for 2 more. STIFF kick to the face for 2. Rey to the top...LEAPS into a right from Kane!!! Kane sees his casket and goes to play with it. It's red. He opens the casket...GOOZLE! Rey escapes, 619 position! Rey gets caught...and dropped into the casket! He freaks out but kicks Kane off...slingshot missile dropkick! 619 position again...GOOZLE! Countered with a headscissors! 619 position...CONNECTS! Slingshot splash...Kane got the feet up, but Rey blocked the counter! Stacks him up! 1...2...No! BIG BOOT by Kane! He goozles Rey on the mat, picks him up by the throat from the mat...CHOKESLAM! 1...2...3!

Winner: Kane via pinfall (chokeslam)

Kane has a mic. He goes to put Rey in the casket and the crowd is audbily disappointed that Taker is not in it. Rey fights back but eats another chokeslam. And a third! Tombstone...connects! Big red box time...NOW Taker's in the casket!


Kane looks like he saw a ghost. Taker is staggering. Kane points at Rey, Taker stalks Rey and asks why he did it, Rey swears it wasn't him and Taker says he believes him, then goozles him for good measure. He drags Rey to his feet, does the cut-throat gesture and then turns on Kane. Wow there's a shock. Kane goozles Taker! He breaks Taker's grip...TOMBSTONE to Taker!

(A good match and as expected Kane is revealed as the one who attacked Taker all along.We now head to another Taker/Kane feud and Rey possibly will take some time off to rest any injuries that have been troubling him)

Time for our Main Event.I'll post as the Elims occur

Elimination Match: Team WWE (John Cena, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth & Unknown) vs. Team Nexus (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Michael Tarver, David Otunga, Skip Sheffield, Heath Slater & Darren Young)

The entrances for this should take up a good 10 minutes. Well, maybe 5 now that Nexus came out together. Cena is out first, as a good captain should. He has a new shirt, confirming NO heel turn tonight. Edge is next and does not attack Cena. Truth is out, with dancing but sans rap. Here's Jericho looking smarmy. Morrison (with heel beard, without slow-mo or robe) is next. Bret is out to a minor pop. CENA stops Miz's entrance! He's way too late! Cena found a seventh's not him. It's someone who hates the Nexus as much as all of them...DANIEL BRYAN!!!!!

We have a pier 7 brawl.

We have a pier 7 brawl. Nexus flees to the floor to regroup and it will be Young and Bryan to start. Knee lift to Young, kicks to the spine and a whip...GUILLOTINE CHOKE! Transition to an omoplata crossface combo! YOUNG TAPS!

Daniel Bryan eliminates Darren Young

Gabriel is in, Bryan tags in Jericho who gets a back elbow and a back suplex. Truth tags in, he has a whip reversed but ducks a pair of attacks and hits a kick. OSAKA STREET CUTTER! Gabriel took that well. Series of kicks by Gabriel and a tag to Tarver, who comes in with heavy rights. Corner beatdown, the ref pulls Tarver off. Whip by Tarver, he misses the charge and here comes Morrison! BIG dropkick! Back heel kick! FLYING CHUCK! Starship Pain!! 1...2...3!

John Morrison eliminates Michael Tarver

Nexus regroup on the floor and Skip Sheffield is chosen to come in. He throws Morrison across the ring and does the Lesnar hop. He shows his strength again so Morrison slaps him. Series of rights by Morrison, crossbody...caught. Powerslam by Sheffield. Big whip by Sheffield, and a second. LA wants Bret. Suplex by Sheffield who is showing more here than he did throughout NXT. Another big suplex. He hasn't even broken a sweat. A third suplex and a cover gets 2. Morrison tries to fight back but he gets kicked in the back by Gabriel and NAILED with a clothesline by Sheffield. 1...2...3!

Skip Sheffield Eliminates John Morrison

Truth is in with some rights and a boot. Axe kick MISSES! Clothesline! 1...2...3!!!

Skip Sheffield eliminates R-Truth

Jericho is in, he beats on Sheffield but the whip is reversed and Sheffield hits the military press slam. Tag to Barrett for the first time, he beats on Jericho in the corner and tags in Otunga. Scoop slam by Otunga, Barrett tags back in. Slater, Cena, Edge and Bret have yet to see ring time. Barrett stretches out Jericho, Jericho fights to his feet and gets a boot up to a charging Barrett. Springboard dropkick by Jericho. Tag to Bret! Tag to Slater! Bret with big rights to Slater! In the corner with more rights! He rakes Slater's eyes on the top rope, a whip and a shot to the gut. Scoop slam by Hart and an elbow drop. Inverted atomic drop and another right hand drops Slater...SHARPSHOOTER! Barrett slides a chair into the ring, Bret breaks the hold and WAFFLES Slater with it! Again! Dumbass.

Bret Hart eliminated himself DQ

CODEBREAKER TO SHEFFIELD! No cover...tag to Edge! He goes psycho...SPEAR! 1...2...3!

Edge eliminates Skip Sheffield

Gabriel runs into Edge's boot, and we are down to what I believe was NXT's final four and the 3 main eventers on the Raw team, plus Bryan. Big whip by Edge and a corner beating. Another whip, Edge runs into a boot but gets a flapjack for 2. Edge drops his head, Gabriel rolls over the back and hits a SWEET wheel kick to the face of Jericho for 2. Slater tags in and stamps away at Edge then chokes him on the middle rope. Edge goes to the floor, Slater drags him in and tags in Barrett. More corner beatings. Whip by Barrett and a backbreaker gets 2. Chinlock now by Barrett, Edge fets to his feet but Barrett hits some clubbing blows. Barrett off the ropes...heel kick by Edge! Edge tries the Edgecution...countered! Shake Rattle and Roll! Tag to Otunga, Uranage Slam...countered! EDGECUTION! Tag to Jericho! A pair of shoulders for Otunga, a kick to the face and a bulldog to follow. LIONSAULT! Jericho wants the Walls...he locks it in! Otunga taps!

Chris Jericho eliminates David Otunga

Jericho takes Slater off the apron to the floor, pounds on him on the outside and takes his head into the announce table. Back inside, Jericho from the top...flying back elbow! He runs at Slater...he ducks! Jericho hits Cena! Slater from behind...he hits something, the camera was not positioned right. 1...2...3!

Heath Slater eliminates Chris Jericho

Edge argues with Cena, Cena backs off for the good of the team. Slater runs Edge into Cena, then rolls up Edge! 1...2...3!

Heath Slater eliminates Edge

Edge spears Cena off the apron, and on the floor Edge and Jericho yell at Cena. We're down to Cena and Bryan against Slater, Barrett and Gabriel. Cena gets rolled back in and Slater stomps on him, then tags in Barrett. Left jabs from Barrett and down goes Cena. Whip in by Barrett, Cena hits the corner chest-first and gets kicked in the back. Cena tries to fight back but eats a clothesline. Gabriel tags in and kicks Cena in the face. Front facelock by Gabriel, he slides over into a crossface before thinking better of it and applying an armbar. ATTITUDE, Gabriel counters with a DDT. Another boot to Cena, Barrett tags in. Duelling Cena chants as he fights back, but he runs into a side slam from Barrett. Suplex by John Cena after he blocks Barrett's attempt. Slater tags in and cuts off Cena from the tag. BIG whip by Slater. Whip to the corner, Cena comes charging out and they clothesline each other. HOT TAG to Bryan! BIG boot to Slater! GERMAN! . HUGE dropkick! Kicks in the corner by Bryan, a whip is reversed but he flips over the top and hits a BIG flying forearm. TOPE to the floor! Back inside...MISSILE DROPKICK! He charges the Nexus corner and kicks Barrett and Gabriel! He misses the kick to Slater...schoolboy by Slater! 1...2...CROSSFACE OMOPLATA! Slater taps!!!

Daniel Bryan eliminates Heath Slater

The Miz is out! He NAILS Daniel Bryan from behind with the briefcase! Barrett covers...1...2...3!

Wade Barrett eliminates The Miz

Cena is still down on the floor. Barrett rolls him in and tags in Gabriel. Corner splash by Gabriel. He tries one too many times and here comes Cena! Flying tackle! A second! Blue Thunder Bomb! Five-Knuckle Shuffle! He goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Gabriel makes the blind tag and Barrett kicks Cena in the face. Gabriel tags in, they stomp Cena. Barrett tags in, they stomp Cena. Gabriel tags in...yeah, they stomp Cena. Barrett tags in...he poses. HAHA SWERVE! Big boot by Barrett sends Cena to the floor. Barrett and Gabriel lift up the ringside mats...DDT ON THE CONCRETE! Barrett rolls Cena back in...positions him near the corner and tags in Gabriel. 450 time...Gabriel waits...waits...MISSES! 1...2...3!

John Cena eliminates Justin Gabriel

Barrett charges, STF! He fights it...TAPS!

Winners: Team WWE, Cena last eliminating Wade Barrett by submission (STF)

(WOW no one and I include myself saw Daniel Brayn's return.A good match with the advantage going back and forth.It may be the end of the NEXUS angle so asume the group to break up and have its members spread between the two brands in the coming months.Also the Miz/Bryan feud seems to be back again)

Will be back to sum up the wholE PPV shortly.
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Posted 8/15/10 , edited 8/16/10
Well after an interesting start to the evening this PPV felt like it was going to fall flat after the non-finsh to the WWE title match.However The last two matches steadied the ship somewhat and we got the bonus of two returns one expected the other unexpected.

Overall this year's SummerSlam gets a 6.5/10 from me.

Thanks for joining the PPV report everyone I hope you enjoyed and check the behind the scenes thread for any post PPV news.

andy 1
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Posted 8/17/10 , edited 8/17/10
great coverage, andy1!

i totally agree with ur comment about the Sheamus - Orton match. Sheamus does look weaker now. but i also have to say that their match at Summerslam was eerily similar to their match at a Live House Show that i went to the other week. SPOT for SPOT! even the conclusion was exactly the same! Sheamus was disqualified for bringing in a chair! although the after-bell spots were new, i felt like i was seeing that match for a 2nd time.

i like Sheamus. there was a time when he looked unstoppable! but now the mystique he brought to the ring before is gone. i think he needs to cleanly win a high profile title match to gain back some of the heat he once had. losing matches by disqualification dont fit him, in my opinion.

or he needs to lose the title in a No DQ match to Orton... but that might not come around anymore since Orton may be out of the Championship picture...

sorry for my lil rant ... im just a huge Sheamus fan... and Orton too! ur comment just interested me and i completely agree with it.

anyways, great coverage, andy1!!!!!!!!! if i didnt see it on PPV, i couldve came here and been just as satisfied
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Posted 8/17/10 , edited 8/18/10
Nope fella you're spot on that sometimes they've been gun shy to really push that young talent who win belts in particular-just ask Jack Swagger who is back down the card after his reign while the clock's ticking on fangirl bait Randy Orton to take it for a long run.

And yes great job again andy1 on the coverage!
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