Death's Little Girl

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Posted 8/11/10 , edited 8/12/10
Chapter 1: The Usual Day

Hikari woke up, closing the blinds as soon as she got out of bed. She went to her closet and changed into her usual uniform for school and went downstairs, to the kitchen.
"Oh! Hikari, your awake. How about some..." Her mother started out, trying to start a conversation but faltered when she saw her daughter pass by her, just grabbing a piece of toast and going to the door, with her bag, putting on her shoes.
"Mother, I'm late for school, I wont be eating... so don't save any leftovers for me." Those were the last words of Hikari as she grabbed her umbrella, even though it was bright and sunny outside, and started her walk to school. She past by many of her cheerful classmates, but did not say hi.

Later on in the day, Hikari sat on the roof of the school, eating alone like always.
"And I thought you said you had friends..." Hikari turned to see an old childhood friend of her's, Ryuu.
"Ryuu, you know you shouldn't do that to me... You remember last time." Ryuu had a pained look, remembering the incident. H sat down next to Hikari, taking a bit of her lunch.
"I know. So, why you sitting up here alone?"
"Cause I want to, The other classmates are nothing but stupid boys and girls."
"I see... Then that means you need to be more friendly, and maybe they aren't stupid like you think."
Hikari didn't say anything, she just looked away.
"I can't... I'm not good at making friends... and I dont want to make friends."
Ryuu sighed, in defeat. "Ok but just think about it ok?"
"Whatever." Was her reply as she cleaned up and went on with her school day.

Author's Note: here is the picture of her school outfit:

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Posted 8/12/10 , edited 8/12/10
Chapter 2: I get meet my father... DEATH?!?!?!

When the last school bell rang, I stood up and gather my stuff together.
"Hey, H-Hikari..." I turned to see a boy from my class... I think it was Fuji.
"What is it... Fuji-kun?" I tried being nice, of coarse that was hard cause I didn't like talking to other people.
"Well... someone is outside the classroom looking for you... is he your f-father?" He seemed reluctant to say the last word he said in front of me. I just nodded my thanks muttering a thank you and picking up my bag, walking out of the classroom. As soon as I left, I ran into a large man.
"Are you Hikari?"
"Yes.... What is it to you?" I looked up to see the features of the man. He seemed young, but not too young. He seemed as if he had seen everything that was and wasn't suppose to be seen. He bent down to my ear and whispered, "Your are my daughter. You shall be called, 'Princess of Death' or 'Death's Little Girl', Witch ever you like best..."

Author's Note: sorry its short, i'm having a writers block...
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