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Well Uhm here goes XD

So Cliché

Chapter 1
Meeting Fate

It was all so crazy, that first day I met Stephan six months ago. Even though it was only three hours, he took me for a ride I would never forget. I remember working at the ice cream parlor, a small, tiny, cute shop on a corner that was really popular with teens. It's burned into my mind on how Stephan looked that day. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was wearing a dark blue, short-sleeved shirt with a white collar; I looked closer at the tiny outline of the Abercrombie moose right next to his left pocket. The dark jeans he wore crinkled with perfect precision with every step he took. He walked in with three friends who I didn't even bother to look at. When he smiled, my heart quickened; he had pearly whites, and very mesmerizing white skin.
He and his friends started walking up to me. They all ordered and Stephan was last. "What can get I you?" I said stupidly. I laughed "Excuse me, I meant, what can I get you." Stephan looked at me for a second. He had mixed eyes. On the outer rim there was dark blue, but as you looked in, closer to his pupils, it was a green color. He started laughing from my earlier mistake while I muttered "Pretty eyes..." under my breath. “I’d just like a hot-fudge sundae with brownies," he said. I typed in his order and smiled at him "Weird, that's my favorite. Your total is two dollars and thirty-five cents." I took an intoxicating whiff of his dreamy cologne and almost had a heart attack on the spot. He then went into his wallet and took the money out. He handed it to me, "It’s my favorite, too." My face turned red and I laughed nervously as I got his order. "Here you go." I said handing it to him, almost too quickly. "Thanks... I'm Stephan. Stephan Firrcus," he said. He looked down at my chest and smiled. Is he checking me out? He looked back up at my face, "Thanks Sophie." He walked to his table where his friends were and I looked down at my own chest. My metallic name tag sat there, shining in the bright florescent lights, mocking me. I got embarrassed over nothing; he was just looking at my name tag! I put my hands over my face and sighed deeply. He was hot. "Stephan..." I whispered. I watched him eat and laugh at his table but I pretended to be busy.
One by one, all of his friends left and soon it was just him. I was cleaning off a table and Stephan was about to leave, when he walked over to the trash can next to me and threw his ice cream cup away. "Hey Soph-" I cut him off "Sophia Brent. But people call me Sophie." He smiled "Sophia is cute." Don't blush, don't blush. The redness flowed to my cheeks anyways. "Well, Sophie, since we're all alone here-" "Actually the manager Henry is there... sorry for interrupting you." I looked back at the table, blushing once more. I heard him laughing again. "Well, then since you, Henry and I are the only ones here, and you most likely get off work soon. I was wondering if you would care to go out tomorrow, to the movies." My heart skipped a beat. My mind flashed back to those amazing mixed eyes. Say yes, say yes, my brain ordered me repeatedly. "The movies you say?" I repeated. I couldn't help my voices pitch rising, it always did so when I got excited. Stephan nodded "Yes that is if you don't mind." I picked up the towel I was wiping the table with and wrung it out. I nodded eagerly "Su-" The door opened and a man walked in. I had never seen him before. I looked back at Stephan "Hold on one second." I said, sighing to myself inside, I was disappointed.
I strolled over to the counter "Hi, what may I get you today?" I said with a customer satisfactory smile. The man wore a white hat, dark tinted sunglasses and a heavy coat. Wearing a coat? Weird since it is 85 degrees outside. "Give me..." He said whatever he said in such a low growl that I didn't hear the rest of his order.” Excuse me?" I said "I can't hear your order sir, can you please speak up?" His hand went into his pocket, and he then tensed up. His lips curled down into a scorn and his hand came out of his pocket like a flash. "I said give me your money bitch!" He had a gun. The man whipped out a gun, and now that same gun was pointed at me. I froze immediately and nodded stupidly. Isn’t it strange that people will do whatever they can to not die? "Please…don't shoot. I'll get your money." His hand nodded toward cash register and I stepped toward it slowly, with my hands raised up. He looked at me closely with every move I made.
My fingers slowly moved toward the register and punched in the numbers to open the register. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. Oh no…He has a partner? Whoever it may be was so quiet that I didn't even hear them. I didn't let my eyes wander to the partner in crime but, I did think, is he wearing blue? I punched in the last number to the register; it popped open with a ching. Out of no where, I see the robber yell and fall to the ground, a trail of dark blue shirt was the last thing I saw. Two men were sprawling on the ground. Grunts and growls were the only sound in the ice cream parlor. A bullet shot into the ceiling and I covered my head and got down. I heard "Get the fuck off me kid!" from on the other side of the counter and another shot "Put the gun down!"
It was different voice. It sounded so familiar. My heart pounded in my chest and I whispered "S... Stephan?" Another shot flung out... But it didn't hit the ceiling. I didn't hear anymore struggling. "Oh my god...” I stood slowly and looked over the counter "Stephan!" Stephan and the thief were on the ground about a meter apart, blood trailed in between both of them and both had blood on their clothes. I hopped over the counter, collapsed next to Stephan nudged him, "Hey, Stephan..?" I shook him more. "Hey come on...don't kid like that..." What else could I do? I started to cry. "Stephan, please wake up!" I wiped my eyes with my sleeve since my hands we covered with blood. As I did, I heard a voice "Oh my god..."
I froze, I was shaking hard thinking I was going to die, and Stephan already did; now I was going to go with him. "Sophie... What happened...? Did I...” I stared down, and Stephan’s eyes were open and his was staring straight. I followed his gaze and my eyes rested on the man. The thief wasn't moving. His cold-blooded eyes stared straight ahead, their merciless, piercing glare glazed over with death. I heard the back door behind the counter’s bell jingle, followed by, "Sophie, are you okay? I called the police, Sophie please answer me!" My mouth opened but nothing came out. Henry soon came by the counter and looked over it "Oh god, Sophie...” My head turned: "Henry...” I whispered. My voice was so different that I didn't even know that it was mine. It sounded so scared and alone. Henry jumped over the counter quickly and pulled me up.
I flopped like a poorly stuffed rag-doll. "Sophie...back away slowly." Henry said. I looked at him and nodded, red was stained on my pants and my hands were covered as well. A red cloud formed in my brain. It enlarged like a bubble-gum bubble until it finally popped. I was plopped into reality, a dead man, a tense Henry, an incredibly hot Stephan, and lots of blood.
Henry looked at Stephan, who was trying to stand up, with a glare. Stephan was now standing up and his clothes were caked with blood. “Don’t move, the police are going to be here any second.” Henry said slowly, taking a step backward, dragging me along with him. Stephan looked at Henry, his eyes were so sad and he stammered “I didn’t mean to! It went off and there was a bang and we were both knocked down and… and….” He choked up. “Henry… Let go..” I said softly. I wriggled out of his grasp none the less and nimbly walked over right in front of Stephan. I took his face in my bloody hands and looked him straight in the eyes as the red and blue lights and the drone of the police car blared and flashed “I know.” I said. He looked down at the floor which was a puddle of blood. “Thank you…” He whimpered.
Soon after the police raided the store, all they saw was the four of us. Stephan, Henry, Me, and the dead man on the floor.
We were all taken in for interrogation downtown at the police station. They concluded that Stephan shot the man, Richard Fullend, out of self defense but he would still have to go on trial.
The judge put Stephan on one year probation. If he did anything bad or got reported to the police in this time, Stephan would go to jail. The agreements were made and Stephan and I walked out of the court house together. “So… About the movies-“I cut him off “I’d love to.” We smiled at each other and he took in a deep breath. “Date me Sophia.” He said, exhaling his breath. I nodded “Why not…” I stood on my tip toes and kissed him on the lips. “See you tonight.” I said, my feet returned to the ground even though my heart was still fluttering in the clouds. I walked off with that, and that was how Stephan and I met.
6 months later… Now this happened.
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